Mansur Yavaş: The Ankara Bicycle Road Project Is Coming To Life

ankarada kilometers long bike path project comes to life
ankarada kilometers long bike path project comes to life

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, 53,7 announced the kilometer Bicycle Path Project with an introductory meeting. Speaking at the Ankara Bicycle Road Project Promotion Meeting held in the Metropolitan Municipality Conference Hall, Mayor Yavaş shared with the public the details of the 53,7-kilometer bicycle route prepared in cooperation with the EGO General Directorate, Non-Governmental Organizations, Universities and Professional Chambers.

Mayor Yavaş said that we aim to start the Bicycle Path construction within 3 months and complete it within 1 year.


Stating that he is happy to take a pioneering step in transportation together with the change in management understanding in Ankara, President Yavaş said: Başkent is a world city with its national and international urban services, quality of life, sensitivity to the environment and people. we want it to be. At this point, transportation services and policy are of special importance. Because transportation constitutes the service area that touches human life the most among urban services.

As stated before and after the elections, President Yavaş continued his speech by stating that they will not have any crazy projects.

We will use our resources for the right jobs, for the benefit of our citizens. We will build a happy, peaceful and healthy city where people communicate with each other. The project we are promoting here today is exactly about this. We have lecturers from various reputable universities, who are experts in the field of transportation. Again, the managers of our expert rooms in the field of transportation came here with excitement. We invited our headmen and neighborhood associations, and those who like special modes of transportation such as bicycles have been attending our meetings for a while. We kept the principle of 'participation' in the forefront in this issue, as in every subject.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş stated that they care about bicycle transportation very much and continued his speech with these words:

We have started working since the day I started my duty. While trying to identify routes, we also worked intensively on bicycle business models. In this process, we worked by paying attention to topography, urban mobility, central points, speed limits and demographic features. During this period, we held regular meetings with non-governmental organizations, universities, trade associations and bicycle users. The process was supported by organizations such as the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the EU Delegation to Turkey, the Embassies of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, and the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While doing all these bicycle paths, we also carry out the integration process of the bicycle into public transportation. We examined many country examples related to this. We plan to apply the most suitable model for Ankara to public transportation vehicles as soon as possible.


Mayor Yavaş said that within the scope of the Bicycle Path Project, bicycle channels are installed on the stairs of metro stations, and bicycle carrying apparatus inside the wagons and EGO buses.

Explaining the goals of the project, President Yavaş said, “Our goal is to contribute to the clean air of our city. Our goal is to build a healthier future by increasing the physical activities of our citizens living in our city. Our goal is to reduce fatal accidents and save time and money. “I sincerely believe that we will achieve this,” he said.

In addition to the technical details of the project reminded that the important aspect is to ensure the social integration of bicycles, Mayor Yavaş said that within this scope, they will carry out studies to create awareness of bicycle transportation in the near nurseries, schools and universities.

Mayor Yavaş reminded that as the Metropolitan Municipality, explaining the Bicycle Path route on the map with cinevision, they separated the streets of the Capital City for cyclists during the September 22 European Mobility Week, and we saw the demand on this issue. We were entitled to receive an award from the Union of Municipalities of Turkey for these works we did during the European Mobility Week. In this process, we want to operate electric bicycles based on topography on our bicycle routes. He said that we are planning to buy 400 electric bicycles in the first stage.


Mayor Yavaş stated that the Bike Path Project is planned to be divided into 6 groups to address all segments of Ankara and shared the details of the 6 bicycle path which consists of different routes:

There are 8 universities, 2 industrial zones, over 20 public institutions, over 30 schools, sports complexes, hospitals and many parks on these routes. There are a total of 500 thousand vehicles at a distance of 65 meters, which we envision as a walking distance to the route. This is very important to us, we need to make sure that these vehicles no longer enter the city. We want to achieve this with this project. We linked our routes to metro stations. We do not have a route without a metro station connection. When we plan the second stage in the future, we aim to combine all these bicycle paths.

Saying that we will establish an uninterrupted transportation network for cyclists, President Yavaş said, we attach great importance to the life safety of cyclists, we avoided routes with high speed limits. In addition, he said that all of these roads we will build will be protected separated bicycle paths.


The Bicycle Path route announced by Mayor Yavaş will be as follows: The first route we will start is the National Library-Ankara and Gazi Universities route. In this section, our Metropolitan Municipality; There are lines connecting the AKM Metro Station and the Faculty of Political Sciences to the Faculty of Language, History and Geography.

This line from the National Library to the 7th Street entrance, from there to Anıtkabir and Beşevler Metro station, and from there to the campuses of Ankara and Gazi Universities, will carry students to both metro stations, library and 7th Avenue. The line from our Metropolitan Municipality to the AKM Metro station will later join the line planned by the Ministry of Environment, and the plans have been considered in this context. Our line connecting the Faculty of Language, History and Geography to the Faculty of Political Sciences passes through Abdi İpekçi Park and Kurtuluş Park. We believe that it is a route that will give our students breath.


Stating that the students are aware of the transportation problems experienced on the route of METU, Hacettepe, Bilkent and TOBB Universities, Mayor Yavaş said: Our students will be comfortable in transportation for 24 hours. We extended our roads to the campus entrance. With the bicycle stations we will set up inside the campus, we will ensure our students' transportation both within the campus and provide our students with easy access to metro stations. There are many public institutions on this route, where transportation will also be provided to City Hospitals. This line, which we foresee to reduce the services of these organizations, also includes Yıldırım Beyazıt University Faculty of Medicine, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Directorate of Religious Affairs. At the same time, transportation to TEPE Prime, which is a point of attraction, will be provided by this route.


This route is our longest separated bicycle path stage. It is an important route connecting low income regions with high income regions. The bicycle path that will start from Etimesgut Train Station will connect Bağlıca Boulevard, Koru Metro Station and Ümitköy Metro station through Hikmet Özer Caddesi. This road is 16,7 kilometers in total. There are Mesa Plaza, Arcadium, Galeria, Gordion Shopping Centers and schools on the route. Park Street is also on this route. The route also passes through the Başkent University campus entrance and it is envisaged to connect Bağlıca to the metro station. The area covered by the route is 26,5 square kilometers. This location has a young population of 49 thousand 300 and a student population of 43 thousand 500. With the implementation of the bicycle road, we aim to reduce the rate of 19 thousand 400 vehicles entering urban traffic.


Mr. Yavaş stated that the main purpose of designing bicycle paths is to integrate the system into public transportation systems and gave the following information:

We have designed the bicycle paths we will build in the Batıkent region within this scope. The line that will start from Batıkent Metro Station will follow the route 1904 Street, Atlantis Shopping Center, Yıldırım Beyazıt Hospital and connect to the Botanical metro station. We attach great importance to this line, which will increase the transportation possibilities of our organized industrial zones. We believe that this line, which will connect 167 thousand industrial workers to social facilities, shopping centers, schools and residential areas, will also contribute to our industry. We strive to ensure that bicycle transportation, which is a healthy and economical means of transportation, can be used for all segments of the society and is an alternative transportation model. On this route, we will have a total of 7,8 kilometers of bicycle path line. The area covered by the route is 7 square kilometers. There are 6 thousand 200 young population, 5 thousand 400 student population and 167 thousand industrial workers residing in this location. With the implementation of the bicycle path, we aim to gradually reduce the entry of 6 thousand vehicles in the urban traffic at this location.


Speaking that we will build a 1 km bicycle path between Optimum Shopping Mall, Eryaman 2-3.5 metro station and Göksu park on this route where urban mobility is high, Mayor Yavaş said that there are schools and sports complexes around the route through which these roads pass. The area covered by the route is 5 square kilometers. This location has a young population of 8 thousand 700 and a student population of 7 thousand 800. With the implementation of the bicycle road, we aim to reduce the entry of 2 vehicles into urban traffic. It is planned to build a 700 thousand 3 km line in total.


President Yavaş pointed out that they will integrate the bicycle network to the metro stations in Eryaman 5, Devlet Mahallesi and Wonderland, and integrate it into public transportation, and the area covering an area of ​​10 kilometers has a population of 22 thousand young people and 19 thousand 200 students. Again, there are an average of 5 thousand 400 vehicles in this area. With the implementation of the bicycle path, we aim to reduce the entry of these vehicles into urban traffic. There are also Metromall AVM, Galaxy AVM and Schools. For this reason, a route has been created where urban mobility is prioritized. In total, it is thought to be a 8-kilometer line. He said that the average slope of the line is 3,8.


President Yavaş stated that he received a new proposal in a meeting with the Vice Rector of Yıldırım Beyazıt University and made a proposal during the meeting we had with the Rector. He stated that there is a 24-kilometer area between Çubuk and Pursaklar, which is suitable for a bicycle path. We will include this area in the bicycle path planning. Thus, he said, we can build another 1-70 kilometer bicycle path within 80 year.

We will build the future together. We will get together and talk. We will implement it by deciding with common sense, and at the end, I believe that as I always say, we will turn Ankara into a city worthy of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and competing with World Capitals. had the photo taken.

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