KAYBİS Stations, Fee Schedule and Member Transactions

loss stations fee tariff and member transactions
loss stations fee tariff and member transactions

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Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, in order to promote the use of bicycles as a means of transportation as well as recreational and sports purposes; KAYBİS aims to spread the Bisiklet Smart Bicycle Sharing System Kayseri throughout Kayseri, thus providing a healthy and environmentally friendly transportation for all bicycle lovers.

With Smart Bike Sharing System, bike lovers will not have to carry their bikes with them, they will be able to rent bikes from any of the KAYBIS stations and leave them to any KAYBİS stations.

What is Smart Bike System?

It is a sustainable bicycle sharing system that serves as an alternative means of transport for bicycle lovers in many metropolises, eliminates the necessity of carrying bicycles by supporting with technological database and can be integrated into the transportation network in the city.

The purpose of this system is to ensure that the 3 - 5 km distances can be traveled without having to drive a motor vehicle. In this way, the burden on public transport and the impact of environmentally harmful greenhouse gases will be reduced and the society will have the opportunity to use a healthier and more environmentally friendly means of transport.

Application to KAYBIS System

First, apply for a KayBis Card by visiting the Kart38 Transaction Center in person.

Please do not forget to bring the following documents for application:

  • 1 copy of identity card or TC. a copy of the driver's license with an identification number.
  • 1 images (passport size photos)

  • The contract document will be given by Kart38 Processing Center. Signing will be enough.

  • When the above documents are completed, the contract and card fees will be requested from the persons.

  • After receiving the payment, a KayBis card will be issued to the person.

  • KayBis card can be used within 2 working days at the latest.

How KAYBIS System Works

Once you have received your KayBis card, go to any bicycle parking station and follow the instructions on the terminal screen.

  • Read your card, then go to the numbered bike on the screen.
  • When the green light comes on, take your bike out of the parking lot and start riding.
  • At the end of your trip, park your bike again and make sure the light turns red.
  • If the station you are going to park is full, park from the system to another nearest station.

How Can You Use KAYBIS Bikes?

-Kart38 Transaction Center by applying for your personalized Card38 card

Take your card and make your card available for use.

-Already have a personalized Card38, Card38

By going to the Transaction Center you can

for use.

- If you do not use a Personalized Card38 card, the Card38

Center and apply for a Loss Card.

- You can also use the bicycle service with your credit card without any action. Go to your nearest bicycle station and follow the directions on the kiosk screen.

 * You must be at least 17 years old to use KayBis Bikes. 17 users who will receive a Kaybis Card must have their parents' signature in order to receive a card.

KAYBİS Card Application How?

Please go to Kart38 Trading Center first.

Documents required for application;

  • 1 identity card photocopy or TC. photocopy of license.
  • 1 photos
  • Contract (Will be issued by Kart38 Transaction Center. Your signature is sufficient.)

Your application is received with the above documents. You will then be asked for the contract and card fee, and your bicycle card will be delivered to you after these transactions. Your card is opened for use within 2 business days at the latest.

How to Buy Bicycle from KAYBİS Stations

  • Please firstBUY BICYCLEPress the 'button.
  • Hold your card in the designated area. This process takes about 3 seconds.
  • If your card is not blocked and you have sufficient balance, the system will allocate a bike to you. You can see the bike number on the screen.
  • You can pick up the bike at the number indicated on the screen.
  • Check the stability of the bicycle after taking it.
  • If there is a problem with the bike, place the bike back into any empty space in the station within one minute.
  • After inserting, wait approximately 5 seconds and see that the LED (light) at the lock point is red.
  • Make sure the bike is locked by lifting it slightly.
  • To buy a bike again, swipe your card again and pick up another bike of the number shown on the screen.
  • After checking your bike, you can leave the station.

KAYBİS the station What to do to buy a bicycle?

  • Please firstBUY BY SELECTING BICYCLEPress the 'button.
  • Hold your card in the designated area. This process takes about 3 seconds.
  • If your card is not blocked and you have sufficient balance, the system will list the available bike numbers at the bottom.
  • A box will appear at the top where you can type the bike number you want to use. Enter the bike number you want to enter in the box via the keyboard ENTERPress.
  • After successful transaction information appears on the screen, go to the specified bicycle and remove it from the slot.

How to Buy a Bicycle with Credit Card from KAYBİS Stations?

  • Touch the “Buy Bicycle Credit Card” button.
  • Enter your phone number and touch CONFIRM.
  • Enter the credit card entry information and how many bikes you want to rent on the incoming screen and tap the confirm button.
  • your phone SMS Enter the verification code from and touch the Confirm button.
  • Enter the bike numbers you want to rent and tap the Confirm button.
  • During this process, the number of bikes 25 TL will be blocked.
  • If you are renting a new bike while your current block is on the same day, the credit card entry information screen will not appear. (Blocked once a day.)
  • Existing blocks will be refunded to the remaining balance card at the end of the day after the usage fee has been deducted.
  • This refund period may vary according to the banks. Please contact your bank if your return period is extended.

NOTE: Bicycles cannot be purchased with bank account cards. Please note that bicycles are only available with a credit card.

How to Drop Bicycle to KAYBİS Stations?

  • Place the bike you are using in one of the empty locking points.
  • After inserting, wait approximately 5 seconds and make sure the LED at the lock point is red.
  • Then lift the bicycle slightly to make sure it is locked. If the bicycle does not lock, try another lock point.
  • After you lock the bike, please let 'sBICYCLE LEAVEPress the 'button.
  • Read your card to the reader. This may take up to 3 seconds, do not pull out your card and leave the station before it is finished.
  • New bikes cannot be purchased unless cycling is completed.

NOTE: If there is no energy in the station please 153 Please give information by calling. Do not leave the station until the teams arrive, or you can go to another station and make a bike drop.

Rules to follow when cycling

- Do not cross the red light. (Very dangerous and illegal.)

- Do not ride on the sidewalk unless it is pointed out as a common road.

- Not clearly marked as a round trip route for cyclists

Do not ride in the opposite direction unless you are on one-way streets.

- Do not overtake if there is insufficient distance and it is not safe.

- Do not use bicycles very close to moving vehicles.

- Do not get too close to the parked vehicles as the vehicle doors may open suddenly.

- Do not use mobile phones or headphones while riding a bicycle.

- Do not ride with alcohol or drugs.

- Do not leave a rented bike unattended. If you are not going to ride, return it.

- Do not carry animals / large objects on the bicycle in the passenger or bicycle basket.

KAYBİS Fee Schedule

30 up to minutes FREE
Between 30 minutes - 60 minutes 50 kr.
Between 60 minutes - 90 minutes 1,0 TL
Between 90 minutes - 120 minutes 1,5 TL
Between 120 minutes - 150 minutes 2,5 TL
Between 150 minutes - 180 minutes 3,5 TL
Between 180 minutes - 210 minutes 5,0 TL
210 for every hour after min + 3,0 TL
First 1 hourly rate 2,0 TL
For every next hour + 1,0 TL

NOTE: For bike purchases with credit card 25 TL deposit the deposit is refunded at the end of the day to the relevant credit card. This refund period may vary according to the banks. Please contact your bank if your return period is extended.

The latest bike purchase from the station can be done at 01:00 at night. Bicycles purchased before the specified time can also be delivered between 01:00 and 05:00, which are out of service.


For information about KAYBIS map and rental points here Click here.

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