Number of Passengers Carried by Tram in İzmir Reaches 50 Million

The number of passengers transported by tram in Izmir reaches million
The number of passengers transported by tram in Izmir reaches million

The number of passengers transported by tram in İzmir reached 50 million. Karşıyaka and Konak tramways reached 120 thousand passengers per day.

The number of passengers transported by tram, which is one of the important pillars of rail public transport, is gradually increasing. In the last four months, the İzmir Tram, which carries 15 million passengers, has made a significant contribution to İzmir's transportation network in a short time by carrying a total of 50 million passengers.

The tram 64, which was in service in Izmir many years ago, was rebuilt after a year break. Karşıyaka two separate lines called the city began to serve the inhabitants. In 2017 Karşıyaka When the tram started to work again, the people of Izmir gained the tram and adopted the system they showed great interest in a short time. With the introduction of the Konak line at 2018, the tram became one of the indispensable means of public transportation.

Expedited flight intervals

Increasing interest in each passing day reflected in the number of passengers. The frequency of expeditions was increased with the opening of schools. Konak Tramway, morning and evening, the demand is more than five-minute intervals are scheduled at times. Konak Tram which carries thousands of 90 passengers per day, stops at the Konak İskele and Alsancak Train stations. Karşıyaka In the tram, most of the day 7,5 is carried out by the interval of minutes and 30 thousand passengers are transported daily. Karşıyaka the busiest stops on the line Karşıyaka İskele and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Sports Hall stops.

Some days above average

Carrying an average of 30 thousand passengers per day Karşıyaka The tram, 18 September 2019 on Wednesday carried about 42 thousand passengers. The record number of passengers on Konak Tram 9 September 2019 was on Monday. Over 131 passengers preferred the Konak Tram.

Izmir Tram Map

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