ITU Ayazaga Subway Station Sheltered Dog Ambulance Hospitalized

itu ayazaga subway station was taken to the hospital by ambulance
itu ayazaga subway station was taken to the hospital by ambulance

ITU Ayazağa Subway Station, the dog was taken to the hospital by ambulance; İTU - Ayazağa metro station laying in the turnstile area of ​​the dog came to the attention of the sluggish dog caught the attention of metro staff. Called the medical teams to the scene of the staff was taken to hospital by ambulance sick dog.

On Tuesday, 19 November 2019, around 19:00, a stray dog ​​went down the escalators at the entrance of the plazas of the İTÜ - Ayazağa station on the Yenikapı - Hacıosman metro line and lay under the wall on the turnstile floor. Realizing that the dog was inactive and sluggish, security guard Mecit Çevik reported the situation to the station chief. Upon this, the Station Supervisor called Muammer Işıklı control center and requested an urgent contact with AKOM and a veterinarian to be sent to the station.

He didn't eat or drink anything…

Passengers and Metro Istanbul staff in the station food and water to react to the food was observed to be too weak to react to the dog was closed around the rest until the veterinary teams were allowed to rest. 20: Sultangazi Cebeci Animal Hospital teams came to the station at 25 to check the dog's condition.

He was taken to the hospital…

Medical teams should be taken to the hospital for a detailed examination stating that the dog carried an animal ambulance to Cebeci Animal Hospital by stretcher. Here, the dog was subjected to the necessary interventions after being checked and left to Ayazağa region again the next day in a healthy way.

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