Marmaray and Metro Bike Reception Hours Update in Istanbul

marmaray and metro bikes in istanbul
marmaray and metro bikes in istanbul

This improvement in order to make bicycle transportation more resident in daily life may also be the beginning of the better news we will receive in the coming period.

We can easily see how the clean transportation philosophy in the world has increased in the last few years, even in the trend in the automobile market.

With global brands producing almost all of their short-term product plans for 90, we suddenly found ourselves in the midst of incredible model diversity.

Similar situation applies to bicycles and scooter models. Bianchi, the world's oldest bicycle manufacturer, has recently been introduced with an important product range. Of course, the work will not only be connected to the electric foot sex. We see that the use of bicycles has increased considerably in metropolitan areas.

Istanbul, one of those metropolises, announced an important update move in order to make bicycle the main means of transportation. Currently, improvements have been made in the Marmaray and metro bans covering the 07: 00 - 09: 00 and 16: 00 - 20: 00 ranges.

Intense demand for improving bicycle clocks With the update on these clocks, which have been accepted for a long time, citing the clocks, users can now carry their bikes with them more comfortably.

In the statement made by TCDD, the fact that there is an intense demand on the subject shows the sensitivity of the users. The explanation text for 30's minute improvement for both morning and evening hours is as follows:

“Recently, requests have been received from our passengers to increase the transportation hours by narrowing the peak hours during which suburban trains are prohibited to carry bicycles. In accordance with the requests received, the current hours have been updated in the form of 07: 00 - 08: 30 between 16: 00 - 19: 30 by updating the newly prepared Domestic Passenger Tariff Appendix-4 Bicycle Transports. channels will also be announced in the description.

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