Istanbul Airport Ready for Winter

istanbul airport short
istanbul airport short

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, gave information about the fight against snow.

Stating that the airports are ready for the winter, Turhan emphasized that the preparations at the airports continue at full speed and said: “304 special purpose vehicles will be used within the scope of snow-fighting services at the airports. We will also serve about 700 staff trained and experienced in snow fighting services. There are thousand 730 tons of 'de-icing' liquid material at the airports to be used in snow-fighting services. Bulundu

Minister Turhan, Istanbul Airport, 26 towed type combined snow combat, 15 compact type combined snow combat, 8 snow spray (rotary), 28 snow plow and "de-icing" liquid spreader vehicle will serve here, he said. In addition, the 18 aircraft and under the bridge "FOD" and snow removal vehicle and 3 runway braking device that expresses the Turhan, airport operator IGA 900 ton "de-icing" liquid material has been ordered.

Turhan stated that the fight against snow at Atatürk Airport was carried out with 19 special purpose vehicles and approximately 100 State Airports Authority (DHMİ) personnel and that the X de-icing ”liquid material was kept ready at the 205 tons.

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