İmamoğlu in London Seeks Financing for Istanbul's Metro Projects

imamoglu london seeks financing for Istanbul's metro projects
imamoglu london seeks financing for Istanbul's metro projects

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, met with representatives of 22 different financial institutions on the last day of their contacts in London. Talking about the projects they want to do in Istanbul and their goals, İmamoğlu said, “As a city municipality with a consolidated budget of nearly 10 billion Euros, I would like you to see this photo: Istanbul is a city that nurtures opportunities to invest, has high potential, and where you will get what you pay for economically. It is one of the leading cities where change will begin on a world scale.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluended its contacts in London, the capital of England, by meeting with representatives of 22 different financial institutions. Attending the breakfast workshop, İmamoğlu gave a speech on “Istanbul and Turkey's Future in a Changing Global Outlook”.


Turkey and the United Kingdom among the hundred years is very efficient, strategic, comprehensive relationship İmamoğlu stating managed, stressed the need to focus on the positive agenda between the two countries. Stating that everyone at the table knows the importance and commercial volume of Istanbul, Imamoglu said, “If Istanbul were a country, it would be one of the countries with the greatest commercial potential in Europe”. Stating that they set the Istanbul vision in line with the needs and ideas of the citizens, İmamoğlu said, orum I want you to know that we are a government that puts the golden rules of democracy without any hesitation. Tüm Stating that he sees himself as the moderator of Istanbul, İmamoğlu said that he cares about social participation and transparent management.


İmamoğlu pointed out the importance of “a strong sense of justice, and said, temel The main reason for sharing these with you is; money, capital and economy love freedom, love law, love democracy. Without these, it is really a fact that he will hesitate in the sense of economy and capital. Even countries in the world who think that they have a very advanced democracy have experienced and will suffer from time to time in the name of democracy. But what is important here is the determination of society. I can proudly say this determination; I am speaking here on behalf of the 16 million Istanbul people who have put forward with democratic methods, methods and understanding in the world. This is a new beginning and a walking path to, your most powerful sources of each of you, your commitment is one of the world's most beautiful countries in our Turkey, still the world's most beautiful geography and history of strong, world heritage, I really want you to accompany us on our beautiful İstanbul'umuzda Entrusting. I think it will be a little sad to be left behind in the coming years. Konu


Giving examples of the investments they want to make, especially in the subway in Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, imiz Our current metro projects are the locomotive of transportation. We now want to quickly increase our 220 kilometer rail network to over 5 kilometers during the year. Approximately 600 kilometers are already under construction. 200 would like to build new metro lines at kilometers ”. Imamoglu also shared detailed information about his projects such as technology, smart city and low carbon emissions with the representatives of financial institutions. Emamoğlu emphasized that there are social projects focusing on the green area and people, and said that 200 will present the 1 creche to the service of Istanbul people during the year. İmamoğlu said, olarak As the metropolitan municipality of Istanbul, I would like you to see this photograph as a city municipality with a consolidated budget of approximately 150 billion Euros. Istanbul is one of the most pioneering cities to invest in, nurture opportunities, have a high potential and you will get the value you give economically and change will start at the world scale. ”

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