Imamoglu, Public Buses 'Monopolization will not give opportunity'

imamoglu public buses will not recognize the opportunity to monopolize
imamoglu public buses will not recognize the opportunity to monopolize

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, Kabataş-Mahmutbey Metro Line spoke about the public bus accident in Beşiktaş at the tunnel completion ceremony. İmamoğlu said, "We will not be given an opportunity to monopolize" on Public Buses.

Imamoglu, Besiktas was a terrible accident that killed an Istanbulite last day. The deputy chairman of the chamber also stated that some officials claimed that there was no camera recording inside the bus and that the camera was defective. But an image appeared. On the day of the accident, the driver appears to disturb the image. Have you seen these footage? How will there be a follow-up process from now on? How do you interpret the distortion of these images?

I also watched the images. I follow closely. I will also visit the relatives of our fellow countrymen who passed away. My friends attended the funeral I would like to wish his family condolences to. I wish mercy from Allah. It's a very sad event and you can't bring that life back. For why? It came to this situation because of the violence, anger caused by a driver. We should look at this with utmost care, especially in the professional chain and in the ring, and by strengthening the maximum control mechanism, so that we have already started such a process. And we put in place a method in which we give more strict control and higher level of psychotechnical training and we act sensitively and that we will never forgive. In this sense, everything takes time. You cannot solve some things that have accumulated suddenly. I see that statement of the chamber president as a reflection of an existing culture in language. It's a pity. How would you not think about that? How can you not focus on your core task? What are you focusing on? Who owns that bus? Are you focusing on it? Or are you hurt by someone with your answer? There is only one thing we can benefit from; 16 million people. The life and property security of these people. That president friend or each of our friends are also subjected to a strict inspection, we have put into effect a process that tidy them up, represent their profession well, treat their citizens well, and provide maximum satisfaction in public transportation. These processes do not respond immediately, we need some time. Of course, it bothers us and upset us that some processes from the past to the present cause trouble in this way. I wish God's mercy on our lost souls again.

“We will not recognize monopolization FIR

There are also rumors that there will be a new regulation on Public Buses. In the name of such a forward-looking measure or more stringent supervision, or do you consider joining the IMM and doing it yourself?

We have no decision to lift. We respect people's professional processes. In some cases, decisions can be made in the medium and long term. We are also working on the future, which at the end of this year we will have a large transport workshop. Here we will discuss all sectors and all stakeholders of transport. However, we do not have the decision to remove such public buses, but we have the following decision: Our stance against monopolization in itself is clear. It exists as a rule, but in the process different methods that belong to a person who is now talking on the field 60-70 bus and so on medik We have never allowed, we will not. It can be professionally protected, but it will be an area where we will not allow a commercial mechanism and monopolization. We have our organizations there. We have İETT, Otobüs A.Ş. This is reflected in some trades as nepotism, especially when the approach towards trades is strengthened by these and other mechanisms, especially in the narrow zone, that is, sometimes the shifting of some buses to other regions. Some trades can cause serious trouble. We will be able to make changes to this and other technical issues like this, but we have no decision to remove it.

VAR We have administrative sanctions ”

Deactivation of the camera in the car on the day of the incident is also entering karatma evidence. On the contrary, did you have any contact with the vice president who made a statement after the incident? Do you have sanctions? How will you proceed?

There are views that most of the public buses do not record cameras. Are we sure there's no record like this? My friends are doing a strict check again. It has to happen once. Plus a blackout process, the action of course is a forensic case. We have administrative sanctions. We will make corporate sanctions on that line, that bus owner and other elements. The room is a legal entity, and we cannot make a direct sanction to the room, but I have made a declaration and follow-up to our friend from the top screen in our relations with this city. I didn't feel the need to call him in that environment. Because our institution will do just what they need to do to discuss this sentence. We have no concessions.

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