Hava-Sen: Istanbul Airport Description

air from you istanbul airport description
air from you istanbul airport description

Negative working conditions of TGS employees working at Istanbul Airport continue. In his statement, the Airline Employees Union (Hava-Sen) listed some articles related to the working conditions, stating that they have to think about the employees even though they are not authorized unions.

The negative working conditions of Turkish Groud Service (TGS) employees working at Istanbul Airport continue. While the time spent in transportation due to the distance of the airport to the settlements and the prolongation of the service hours were unhappy, a remarkable explanation came about the issue.

In the statement made by the union, "We invite their managers to think in humane and legal values," he said.

The statement made by Hava-Sen is as follows:

Dear Civil Aviation Staff,

We have monitored the implementation of 26.TİS, which you know very well about its preparation and approval process, after its signing, despite all its deficiencies and mistakes. TİS is the most important document protecting the rights and interests of employees. Application will is very important. It cannot be modified by unilateral or confidential protocols. 26. We did not take part in TIS and then we investigated the status of the issues that would be regulated by protocols. We wanted to share the results with you to learn the facts.

1. 26, despite all our warnings, is the solution to the challenges of moving to the New Place. It did not take place in the TIS in any way. Now we see that unfortunately we were right. There are still great difficulties in working in and out. Services do not provide convenience to employees and those who go to work with their own opportunities face great difficulties. 9 takes an hour overtime. Employees have to take care of themselves. Service drivers are a separate problem. We cannot predict how many friends we will lose on the way to work, how many friends will have an accident. 13-4 times increased daily walking distances of the ground personnel working in the huge terminal area. the food and toilet problems of the personnel and the transportation of the flight crews between the team rooms, the terminal area, entrance and exit doors and the aircraft head could not be solved sufficiently.

2. 26. One of the important issues promised to be resolved later in the TIS is Article 95, which includes the “rules of duty and rest for the team members”. As HAVA-SEN, we continue our monthly SHT-FTL seminars. The essential issues that need to be arranged during the working hours and rest of the flight crews are already clear. The authorized union does not make the necessary effort to establish the provisions of Article 95 for the benefit of the employee by identifying the advantages and disadvantages of SHT-FTL. Some of the most important rights that were lost, such as "not resuming work on the same day at 03:00 local time and after work closures", "not being able to give free days outside the home base" and again, not being able to start work immediately after the end of consecutive days off (00:00 local time)" Our rights were not included in the 26th Term Tis. Losing the rights gained in this way is completely against the spirit of trade unionism. The union should not lose, it should gain. We are calling for the return of the rights taken from the flight crews with the protocol to be drawn up without delay.

3. Every month, 500-700 cabin personnel are taken from the flight under the name of specialization training and the company tries to compensate the loss with flight compensations not given to them. But in the same period, an announcement is made for the recruitment of 700 cabin attendants. This seemingly contradictory situation shows that the aim is to remove the experienced personnel as soon as possible, to replace them with A0 staff and to reduce their salary expenses. They do not understand that aviation is written in blood, as the company does not have a merit-based assignment system. They don't know what seniority and experience means. As you know, the union also supports this. In fact, the cabin signority list prepared with his initiatives does not include logical reasons, but the smell of favoritism and circumvention.

4. The company has halted the pilot purchase. Of course, there is no reason for the 24 MAX to fly, but it is considered that 2020 will fly from the first months. Training takes time. But as we have seen before, planes come first and then teams are set. When not enough, an external pilot is taken. Companies such as Thomas Cook, Jet Airways, Germania, sank in the world civil aviation. Ryan Air is shaking. So there is a large amount of foreign pilot supply to the market. It's easier to close the gap. But giving young Turkish pilots a chance would be a long-term rational solution. At least the pilots who had reached the stage of qualifying and contracting should have been given the chance.

Another issue is that it is painful that the payments of the graduates of the Academy are not brought to the agenda despite the mass promises and works. Exploitation continues and there is no sound from the competent trade union.

5. As will be recalled in a press release we made on 29 May 2019, the cost of moving, the difficulties of the new square, decreasing passengers and financial difficulties as a result of developments in the conjuncture, as before, we will either throw 1500 volatile, or take the necessary measures to reduce the salary increases. In this, the authorized union lowered the hikes, saying the staff agreed to it as a result of false public opinion polls. Now we come to the same point. A representative from the union said that they were working on this issue. We've never been involved in money. We thought that the added value created would be rewarded. However, the union is known as 'the bread', we warn the employer not to go the same way to look cute again. Already weakened sense of belonging and trust is completely lost. The return on our company will be profit and not loss. The way to reduce expenses is not to stare at staff salaries. The union exists to prevent these errors, not to be a tool for employee-damaging practices.

6. TGS friends say that they are under a lot of pressure and fatigue. We do not question the structure of TGS, management and economic policies. However, their work is extremely important and valuable for THY. Nevertheless, over a hundred staff are laid off each month and others are forced to undergo all kinds of negative treatment for the sake of bread. The provisions of the laws unfortunately hang, seek the right to go to anyone who wants, but it is called '' outside the door ''. The quality of the service provided under these conditions should be questioned. For us, the safety and security of the flight can be ensured by the direct contribution of each individual. One of the layers in the 'Swiss Chese' theory is TGS. We invite their managers to consider human and legal values.

Dear employees, although we are not an authorized union, we continue to assist you with our presence. It is our duty to bring the facts to you in front of you. We will continue to do our best to protect your right and your law. Cyclical developments in the future will increase our importance and value. So we expect you to be in the union that suits you.

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