Haliç Metro Bridge Cost, Length and Shape

halic metro bridge cost and length
halic metro bridge cost and length

The Golden Horn subway bridge, which has the appearance of a sailing ship, is a tautly curved suspension bridge over the Golden Horn in Istanbul, which allows the passage of the Şişhane Yenikapı Metro line. 2 Construction of the bridge started in January 2009, 15 was opened in February 2014. The bridge, which goes back to 1960's first project surveys, provides the passage of Şişhane Yenikapı metro line between Şişhane and Haliç. The bridge can be opened and closed during ship crossings.

Haliç Metro Bridge Technical Information

Official name: Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge
Location: Haliç
Type: Stretched oblique suspension bridge
Material: Steel
Number of feet: 2
Length: 460 m (936 m)
Width: 12.6 meters;
Height: Pylon: 65 meter
Widest span: 180 meter (Station cut)
Start date: 2 January 2009
End date: 9 January 2014
Opening: 15 February 2014

Haliç Metro Bridge Length

Şişhane Yenikapı Metro, which is 5.2 kilometers in length, crosses the Golden Horn with Haliç Metro Bridge. Sishane Yenikapi Metro, which reduces the distance between Şişhane Yenikapı to 25 minutes, goes back to the underground after the Golden Horn Metro Bridge.

The length of the Golden Horn Metro Bridge is 936 meters and the maximum height of the bridge is 17 meters above sea level. Built on the 5 foot on the sea, 8 foot on the Azapkapı side and 6 foot on the Unkapanı side, the Golden Horn Metro Bridge is only open to the metro and pedestrians.

Continuous current will be provided to prevent rusting of stakes in the sea. In order to show dinamik aura dynamic üz in the wind, the bridge, whose elements are designed according to the wind, can also be crossed on foot.

Haliç Metro Bridge Shape

There are cafeterias and toilets on the intermediate floors of the two pillars of the bridge. When viewed from the top, the “ship deck tasarlan is designed as glass cabins over the area where the stops, the cables connected to the cleaning can be done. For cleaning at the stops, the glass can be cleaned by connecting the cable stretched on it. During the construction of the bridge in the domestic scientific community and UNESCO's agenda, the bridge took its place as one of Istanbul's prestige projects.

Estuary Metro Bridge Cost

The bridge is the most important pillar of the Taksim - Yenikapı Metro Line, which has a total length of 5.2 and costs a total of 420 million dollars. This line starts from Taksim Square, follows Beyoğlu and arrives at Şişhane station, then goes down to Perşembe Bazaar. From this point on the surface of the Golden Horn, the Golden Horn, on the southwest coast of the Golden Horn over the Küçük Pazar Street again enters the underground. Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge is located between “Unkapanı Side güneybatı in southwest direction and oğlu Beyoğlu Side kuzeydoğu in northeast direction.

Unkapani Station serves both sides of the bridge between the two tunnels located on opposite banks. After entering the tunnel, the line turns to the direction of Süleymaniye and arrives at Beyazıt Campus, the third station of Istanbul University in the Historical Peninsula, and the third station, “Şehzadebaşı”. The line stretching from here to the Marmara Coast reaches the fourth station “Yenikapı”, which is common with the “Bosphorus Crossing Marmaray”. Thanks to the line integrated with Marmaray and Airport metro connections at this station, Taksim - Yenikapı 8, Osmanbey - Kadıköy 28, Airport - Maslak 56, Maslak - Kartal 71 minutes.

Haliç Metro Bridge Opening 90 Degrees

* The bridge was built on 2,5 piles with an 110 meter diameter and a depth of approximately 27 meters at sea. The length of the hanging part is 360 meter with two steel towers inclined cable system. About a thousand people worked in the construction.

* N Rotating bridge X built on 5 units, 2,5 meter diameter pile, opens by turning 12 centimeters, turning 90 degrees on a single pivot leg. 120 meters tall, 3 has the capacity of thousand 500 tons hydraulic lifting.

* Beyoğlu and Unkapanı approach viaducts provide connection between metro tunnel portal structures and steel bridges. It is produced with reinforced concrete post tensioning system and 171 meter on Unkapanı side and 242 meter on Beyoğlu side.

* Between the central pillar of the rotating bridge and the shore of Unkapanı, there is a platform carried by concrete beams and 10 piles and head beams for protection of this platform.

* Construction of Taksim - Yenikapı Metro Line, Anadolu Metro Partnership (Yüksel - Güriş -Reha- Başyazıcıoğlu), Haliç - Metro Crossing Bridge Astal - Gülermak Joint Venture (AGJV), Electromeranic and Fine Works Construction Alarko - Rotem - Hyundai Consortium was performed.

10 annual adventure of Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge

Architect Hakan Kıran, 14 June 2004, the first design, the existing Unkapanı Bridge was removed, and again in the form of vehicles, subway and pedestrian bridge. The aim was to combine all transport axes on a route instead of a second bridge and to provide pedestrian, vehicle and subway crossings. At the same time, the Unkapanı Bridge was to eliminate the negative impact on Haliç Shipyard, Sinan's Sokullu Mosque and Haliç base. However, the idea was that the thousand 1985 meters tunnel built on the route determined in 100 should be canceled and the axle should be taken to Saraçhane axis which is the continuation of Unkapanı Bridge. The idea was subject to heavy criticism from circles opposing the Golden Horn bridge. Following the public reaction, the construction of Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge on the agreed route in 1985 was given. While the old project prepared was presented to the Conservation Board, this project was abandoned and a new design was realized in place on the axis of today, with the same principles as the first one.

First, the wind research, the ground and geological structure of the Golden Horn, the geological structure of both shores and the effect of the bridge on the route of historical monuments were investigated. This research continued throughout the whole project work. Turkey's project and worked with the leading scientists in the world.

Şişhane Yenikapı Metro Stations

Mr. Osman,
Sisli / Mecidiyekoy
ITU Ayazaga,
Atatürk Auto Industry,
Hacıosman Seyrantepe.

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