Sample Practice for Renewing Traffic Lines in İzmir

example application for renewing traffic lines in izmir
example application for renewing traffic lines in izmir

Sample Application in Renewal of Traffic Lines in İzmir; Instead of redrawing traffic signs such as lanes on roads, warning signs on bicycle roads, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has launched an application that makes the old ones visible by cleaning them. Thus, approximately 50 percent savings are achieved.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Services Branch, in the summer months due to road surface darkening visible road lines, pedestrian crossings, bicycle paths, buses and stops to reveal the horizontal marking has initiated a cleaning work. Within the scope of the project, by the end of the year 2019 road line cleaning truck and 40 thousand square meters road line; With the road line cleaning machine, the 30 thousand square foot pedestrian crossing, bicycle lanes and bus stop markings will be cleaned.

first in Turkey

In its absence, it is aimed to save approximately 50 percent in square meter cost by making the lines that cause serious problems in traffic instead of being redrawn and made visible. Instead of rebuilding the markings cleaning work is done for the first time in Turkey.

The first works are carried out on the boulevards and streets around Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, Yeşildere Street, Mürselpaşa Street and İzmir International Fair. By the end of the year, the markings in other parts of Izmir will be cleared within the scope of this project.

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