Eskişehir Road Will Breathe

eskisehir way to breathe
eskisehir way to breathe

Eskişehir Road Will Breathe; Ankara Metropolitan Municipality offers alternative solutions to many points of the city in order to ease the city traffic.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which accelerated the construction of new underpasses in the capital; Located on Dumlupınar Boulevard (Eskişehir Road), Konutkent has made great progress in three underpass studies in front of Yaşamkent and Başkent University.


While the works carried out on 7 / 24 basis are progressing rapidly, uninterrupted traffic flow will be ensured by the opening of the underpasses planned to be completed in a short time.

Vehicles wanting to enter and exit the Konutkent and Yaşamkent regions will be able to make controlled turns thanks to the roundabouts on the underpasses. With three underpasses that will reduce traffic density, the U-turn underpass at the entrance to Başkent University will provide safe and fast transportation in the direction of the city center.


Metropolitan Municipality, Eskişehir Road on the way of vehicles that go to the arrangement of pedestrians prior to uninterrupted transportation.

In addition to the vehicle underpass in front of Baskent University, pedestrian underpass construction works are going on at full speed so that pedestrians can cross the street safely.

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