ESHOT Budget Accepted by majority vote

eshotun butcesi accepted by majority
eshotun butcesi accepted by majority

ESHOT Budget was adopted by majority vote; XHUMX billion 1 million 444 thousand TL 576 year expense budget of ESHOT General Directorate passed through İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council. In the new year, 2020 will be included in the new 20 new bus fleet in line with the environmental policies of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Many environmentally friendly investments, especially solar energy projects, will be implemented.

The 2020 expenditure budget of the ESHOT General Directorate of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was approved by majority vote in the municipal council. In the budget prepared in accordance with the targets of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality 2020 Performance Program and Strategic Plan covering the years 2020 - 2024, the total amount of expenditure items was calculated as 1 billion 444 million 576 thousand TL. The revenue of the institution is estimated to be 1 billion 42 million 307 thousand TL. The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality adopted ESHOT's income budget by majority vote.

ESHOT's 2020 program draws attention to nature-friendly investments. Next year, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will strengthen its bus fleet with 20 electric buses. The integration of bicycles and other individual non-motorized vehicles with public transport will be ensured and the ability to travel on different lines of buses will be increased.

ESHOT to supply 62% of electricity consumption from the sun

The roof type solar power plant (GES), which is currently in ESHOT Gediz Heavy Maintenance Facilities, will be strengthened with two new power plants to be installed. Approximately 1,5 megawatt power plant will generate an annual 2 million 250 thousand kilowatt hours of electricity and an annual savings of 1 million 600 thousand TL will be provided. also Karşıyaka Atasehir and Buca Adatepe garages will be installed in two separate GES. Two power plants, each 1megavat, will generate approximately 3 million kilowatt-hours of electricity. Thus, together with Gediz Heavy Care Facilities will find the total value 4 million 260 thousand kilowatt hours. When all investments are implemented, 62 percent of ESHOT's total electricity consumption will be obtained from the sun.

ESHOT, which operates with a thousand 536 buses and 141 service vehicles, will set up voice and video information systems in stops and buses in order to make the most of public transportation, especially for disabled and disadvantaged citizens. Compatible with these mobile applications will be developed. While the work on the training of the personnel continues; physical structures of existing workshops, garages and other facilities will also be improved.

Advertisement revenue will be increased

Public transport cooperatives in the surrounding districts will be included in the transport system with zero kilometer buses and ESHOT controlled. Starting with Seferihisar, the application will be expanded to include other districts in the Peninsula and then all surrounding districts.

In line with the goal of increasing ESHOT revenues, the advertising space in the bus and stops of the institution will be rented according to the State Procurement Law No. 2886.

Two important requests from the government

In the Municipal Council's budget negotiations, due to the state of the country's economy and especially the increase in input costs, the increase in public transportation costs came to the agenda. CHP members of parliament, the two very important way to make cheaper transport, the AKP through the members of the government made a statement to convey. One of the biggest expense items in public transportation was pointed out to be fuel, while VAT and SCT amounts in fuel expenses were asked to be abolished or reduced in public transportation. If excise duty and VAT are not collected in public transportation, it is emphasized that 54 penny discount can be made per passenger.

Under the law, public ministries, military personnel, postal officers, people with disabilities and citizens over the age of 65 were asked to provide transportation support. As an example, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance published, Free Travel Under the Scope of the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Payment of Income Support in accordance with the regulation, municipalities under the supervision of private public transport services to companies that provide free public transport services monthly aid per vehicle shown.

Mayor Soyer: Local government reform package is essential

At the end of the session, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that a comprehensive reform package in the field of local government is essential. Soyer said, “Local government legislation needs to be changed in accordance with the duties of municipalities. For example, SCT, VAT should be reduced. Authorizations and resources need to be increased. After all, if we are to serve our cities, certain constraints must be lifted. Not only ours, but all of us need it..

He shared his childhood memory

Mayor Soyer told that they lived in Güzelyalı as a child and that they used to ride trolleybus with his father every day when he was about 8-9. Soy My father always greeted the driver with each driver. He called him the Chief Driver. That's why in my eyes, that driver was the most important man after my father. I thought, 'Can I become a driver when I grow up?' But then when I realized the difficulty of driving a bus, I wasn't blind. I know very well that ESHOT drivers carry out a very difficult and demanding task with the sensitivity of those days. May Allah help them all..

XHUMX services of ESHOT General Directorate


29 As of April 2019, 06.00-07.00 and 19.00-20.00 public transport will be discounted by 50. 1 on request 2019, which started in the morning 06.00 in the morning as of August 05.00, was taken to XNUMX.


An announcement was made for the employment of 100 female bus drivers. Currently, 24 female bus drivers are working within ESHOT. Exams kazanThe result of the security investigations of 18 female driver candidates is awaited.


In order to allow children to spend more time in social life with their families; The “Children's Card Application” 0, which can be used by families receiving social assistance from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with their children aged between 5-1, was launched in August 2019.


The number of 60 buses with bicycle apparatus will reach 296 after the tender.


In order to promote cycling, the purchase of folding bikes outside our busy hours (06.00-09.00 and 16.00-20.00) began in August 26.


Tender works for the construction of closed stations with solar power plants are continuing.


Within the scope of the “carbon emission reduction” application in the city center, which is among the projects of our municipality, service was provided with low-emission vehicles (trams, electric buses).


With the decision of the Assembly, the Mukhtar Card was introduced to allow muhtars to travel free of charge on public transport during working hours. The Mukhtar Card was distributed to the headman of the 1293 neighborhood throughout the city.


Electronic Fee Collection System tender has been realized and contract has been signed with the contractor company at 14 November 2019.


ESHOT, the personal public transportation guide of Izmir residents, was launched with its renewed design and content. New user-friendly mobile application that can be downloaded for free on smartphones and tablets; It provides all the information needed in public transportation with its many features ranging from travel planning to loading of Izmirim Card balance, notification of route changes to stop alarm. In addition, new applications to facilitate the use of visually impaired passengers are continuing.

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