Had Erzurum in Turkey to 3rd of Transportation

Erzurum was my turkey third is public transport
Erzurum was my turkey third is public transport

Had Erzurum in Turkey to 3rd of Transportation; Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality is playing to the top in transportation services. Turkey conducted across "They Metropolitan Transportation Performance" took third place in the Municipality of research. From the comfort to accessibility and from timing to pricing, in the research, in which many criteria questions were asked to the participants; Erzurum was the third among 30 metropolitan cities. Research Company Areda Survey has discussed public transportation performance in metropolitan areas. The company, which examined the public transportation services in 3 metropolitan cities, including metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir, conducted face-to-face interviews with 30 people between October 10-740.


The participants were asked questions such as comfort, information, accessibility, timing, wage, security, personnel, environmental factors, feedback and compliance. As a result of the survey, which was conducted over the 100 rating, Eskişehir was sitting at the top of the list with 64,1 points, followed by Konya with 60,6 points. In the public opinion survey, Erzurum was third with 60,5 points, Kahramanmaraş was fourth with 59,0 points and Ankara was fifth with 57,4 points. Denizli, İstanbul and Bursa followed these provinces respectively.


In the Toplu Metropolitan Transport Performance ”survey, the participants were also asked why they prefer public transportation or not. While 80,5 percent of the participants stated that they prefer public transportation for transportation, those who do not prefer it “to provide a more comfortable public transportation”, sağlan to provide safer public transportation ”,“ to ensure that the drivers are more educated ”and bir a faster public transportation. providing transportation.. According to the results of the research, the most preferred public transportation vehicles are municipal buses, while the three most important factors in transportation services are listed as comfort, information and accessibility.

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