Statement by EGO on Inoperative Escalators at Metro Stations

ego from the underground stations
ego from the underground stations

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate stated that the repairs of the defective escalators in metro stations will be completed as soon as possible.

“In the statement made on 14 October 2019 regarding the non-working escalators at the metro stations; There are 508 units (Escalator, elevator, handicapped platform, walking path) in Ankara Metro, Ankaray and Teleferik line; The problem of the problem of supply of spare parts was emphasized in the framework of the contract made in the previous period, not due to lack of maintenance, the reason for the problems experienced in the staircase that failed due to the breaking of the handrail and chains, which is the most important element in the working system of the escalators.

In addition, the statement, 28 August 2019 in order to overcome the problem that a new tender was held; It was stated that the spare parts supplied after the tender were started to be installed on the escalators which were defective as of 5 October 2019 and the problems would be solved as soon as possible in connection with the contractor's labor capacity ratio as of October.

Within this scope, immediately after the tender for the elimination of the faults, the works were started.

1 As of October 2019, the number of closed handbands was 20, while 17 was transferred to 2019 as of November 2; the number of units switched off due to step chain failure has been reduced from 14 to 6.

Metro stations which are currently closed with some exit points due to hand band failure:

• Necatibey Highways Side Platform Exit

• AKM In-Station Escalator

Metro stations which are currently closed to some exit points due to step chain failure:

• Kızılay Station Constitutional Monarchy Exit

• National Library Station Library Exit

• MTA Station Public Bank Exit

• Botanical Station 1.nci Output

• Botanical Station 2.nci Output

• EXIT Station 4 Output

Repairs of defective escalators at our above-mentioned stations will also be completed as soon as possible. ” the statement said

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