EGO Sports Club Beside Children with Leukemia

ego sports club with children with losem
ego sports club with children with losem

EGO Sports Club Beside Children with Leukemia; EGO Sports Club plays an active role in social responsibility projects as well as sports activities.

During the “2-8 November Children with Leukemia Week”, EGO Sports Club athletes participated in the orum I Wear My Mask, I Create Awareness düzenlen event organized by the Children with Leukemia Health and Education Foundation (LÖSEV) and supported them by wearing masks.


Citizens also showed great interest in the activity carried out in order to prevent the exclusion of the children from leukemia and to be a hope because of the mask they wear to protect children from leukemia.

The masks distributed by LÖSEV in cooperation with EGO Sports Club were adorned with various materials with great care. Handmade masks designed by volunteers and athletes #MyMaskTakiyorumAwareness AwarenessCreative and #LeukemiaChildrenHealth hashtagi were also shared on social media.


EGO Sports Club Men's Basketball A team and Women's Handball Tiny Team watch the “Canım Kardeşim çocuklar movie with children with leukemia while EGO Sports Club President Akın Hondoroğlu says, uz We are participating in all field works of LÖSEV with our 5 thousand 900 licensed athletes. We are always with them whenever we need them..

Sinan Aras, Public Relations Officer of LÖSEV, thanked the words “Our Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş and EGO Sports Club do not leave us alone in our activities”.

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