Edirne Halkalı Fish Stack Journey at Train Schedules

edirne ring train
edirne ring train

Edirne Halkalı Fish Stack Journey at Train Schedules; Çerkezköy and Edirne-Uzunköprü-Halkalı There is extreme intensity in train service. As the train wagons are fiercely filled, many passengers travel in the corridor.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), organized train service between Istanbul and Thrace. Citizens show great interest to these expeditions, while inadequate expeditions are putting citizens in trouble.

TCDD, Edirne-Halkalı, Uzunköprü-Halkalı and a two-way trip. This time the train Çerkezköy He also stops by the station and takes passengers. However, this journey is not like a long-distance train ride, but resembles a city bus and minibus journey. Citizens prefer to travel by train because the number of flights is low and the fare is cheaper than bus ticket prices. Because of the intensity of the train's wagons, many of the citizens are sitting in the corridor on the ground or standing. This is the photo frames.


The journey to fish hoarding brings along many dangers. Citizens, “During the journey, the driver's sudden brake can cause injury to the passengers in the foot fall. Last year this route had crashed on the train in Çorlu and many citizens lost their ropes. TCDD officials want to take measures and increase the number of flights. ”


8 people died and 2018 were injured as a result of the overthrow of some of their wagons near Çorlu on July 25, 340, of the passenger train that made the Uzunköprü-Istanbul expedition.

Source: Çerkezköy Glance



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