Discount for Public Bus Prices for Students in Alanya

students in the field instead of the public bus will pay pounds
students in the field instead of the public bus will pay pounds

Discount for Public Bus Fares for Students in Alanya; In Alanya, students will pay 2.25 lira instead of 1.80. The decision was made to please the students from Alanya from the UKOME subcommittee, where Antalya Metropolitan Municipality met for the second time in Alanya. At the meeting, it was agreed that the prices of public buses in Alanya should be the same as Antalya. Accordingly, from November 20, students from Alanya will get on public buses by paying 2.25 lira instead of 1.80 lira.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, on the instructions of Mayor Muhittin Böcek to identify, plan and solve problems on-site studies. In this context, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) public transport line and route subcommittee met in Alanya Kestel service building for the second time. Head of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department Nurettin Tonguç chaired the meeting, UKOME officials, Alanya Municipality, Police and Gendarmerie Traffic teams, the head of the Chamber of Minibusers Dogan Bacak and related cooperative heads of the cooperative attended.


Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University's campus in Kestel students to come and go more convenient measures and expeditions were discussed in the sub-commission. During the meetings, it was agreed that the prices of the public bus in Alanya will be the same as in Antalya. Accordingly, students in Alanya after the decision to pass the 20 UKOME General Assembly in November after the public bus 2.25 pounds instead of paying 1.80 pounds ticket ride.

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