First Ski of the Season Fell to Denizli Ski Center

first snow fell to the sea ski resort
first snow fell to the sea ski resort

First snow fell on Denizli Ski Center, which was implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in order to increase tourism diversity in the city. Snowfall can be seen from the city cameras on the website of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has created excitement among ski lovers.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which is the largest skiing center of the Aegean, which Denizli Metropolitan Municipality put into practice in order to have a say in winter tourism of the city, received the first snowfall of the season. The first snowfall at the peak of the center, which has become the shining star of winter tourism, was seen from the city cameras on the official website of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. The snow from the camera at the “M2 Upper Station olan point, which is close to the summit of the Denizli Ski Center, created excitement especially among ski lovers. Winter sports enthusiasts waiting for the snow to come to the desired level and waiting for the opening of the season as soon as possible are counting the days to enjoy the snow and skiing.

Denizli Ski Resort

most preferred Denizli has become one of the venues for Winter Sports Ski, Denizli and neighboring provinces in recent years, Turkey has hosted visitors, mainly by four. 75 kilometers away from the city center 2 thousand 420 meters altitude Tavas district located in the Bozdag in the Aegean region's largest ski resort has a total length of 13 kilometers of 9 runway. It includes all kinds of facilities for amateur and professional skiers and snowboarders, while the facility has 2 chairlifts, 1 chairlifts and a walking belt. In the mechanical facilities where 2.500 people can be transported per hour, there are social structures that will meet all the daily needs of the visitors.

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