Marmaray, the Key Point of the Iron Silk Road

marmaray iron silk road key point
marmaray iron silk road key point

Iron Silk Road Lock Point Marmaray starting out from the Chinese city of Xi'an, using Marmaray Europe last China Railway Express from cargo train, which followed the BTK line Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan've entered Turkey via Kars through Georgia then marmaray tube access has reached Europe using. Within the scope of the 'One Generation One Way' project, the first 850 meter long freight train from China set off with a ceremony held at Chang Ankara Railway Station, passing through the Marmaray, the key point of the Iron Silk Road, and reaching the Kapıkule border gate.

Due to the capacity of the railroad, the first part of the train, which was traveling in two parts, was held in Kapıkule. The two-piece train, which reached the Kapıkule Border Crossing at noon hours, was first screened with an X-Ray scan and then combined with two 21 wagons. Later, the train departed from the Kapıkule Border Crossing with the Bulgarian locomotive to the Czech capital Prague. The train will cross Prague, Serbia, Hungary and Slovakia via the Iron Silk Road to reach Prague.

The key point of the Iron Silk Road from China to Europe using the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway line was the Marmaray tube crossing, which provides underwater passage from Asia to Europe. freight transport time between China and Turkey the 2 continent, 10 country, 2 sea beyond 11 thousand 483 kilometer route 12 days, "century project" Marmaray in that it even integrated in the time between the Far East and Western Europe was lowered to 18 days.

The transportation of the cargo through the middle corridor using Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line and Marmaray will save time and energy compared to other corridors. This is a very historical step in terms of the course of both regional and global trade. Therefore, this train, which has traveled thousands of kilometers, is the symbol of the new era in rail transport.

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