Change in Highway and Bridge Prices

change in motorway and bridge prices
change in motorway and bridge prices

Change in Highway and Bridge Prices; With the “dynamic pricing” model prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to pass on highways and bridges, citizens will use toll roads cheaper in some days and hours. According to the intensity of demand by increasing or decreasing wages are made flexible, while the demand is less, citizens are able to use bridges and highways cheaper.

Morning'According to the report of Tan Bariş Şimşek; The 2020 Presidential Annual Program introduced a new regulation on toll and bridge fees. In the dynamic pricing model, which is also used in Europe, the demand of the users is tracked with special software for 7 day 24 hours. The pricing strategy can also vary according to the intensity or the scarcity of demand through these softwares. With the same method used by airline companies, it is aimed to be used cheaper in less busy periods without causing loss to the operator.


Decisions related to the work to be done on highways were included. Accordingly, the maintenance and repair services on the road network predominantly through the performance of the private sector through the performance-based contracts necessary for the execution of legal and institutional arrangements will be completed.

The conceptual framework, program and design of the institutional structure for the establishment of a structure responsible only for road traffic safety will be completed in order to ensure that traffic safety is managed on the basis of a secure system approach. Projects that have lost their priority and feasibility will be terminated.


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