Bursalılar Want High Speed ​​Train

bursalilar wants a high speed train
bursalilar wants a high speed train

Bursalılar Want High Speed ​​Train; The problem is… We all agree that Bursa does not seek the right city. Because, embarrassment perceiving a urban society there.

For years, he could not get the share he deserved from public investments.


Industrial production, export, agricultural products national economy He contributed, locomotive of employment was, but value added value not be explained otherwise.


Anatolia'city togetherness ve make them accept what they want we're watching. “We can't tell why we want it” We are sorry.

The construction is not walking, the construction of standing, even changing the name fast train is one of them. Aside from routine work, this is the biggest investment we'll see, but the fate is constantly changing.


Our deputies in good faith Ankara'in every environment, That the train should arrive in Bursa as soon as possible they say, we watch and see them.


We also see that the dynamics of the city do not support the politicians. Therefore, these columns in recent days calls largest roofing company BCCI including Bursa's high-speed train We want them to be certain.


Balikesir 'deki AK Parti MPs Big city and the mayor of the district General Manager of TCDDwhat they went, Bursa High Speed ​​Train Projectni talked about yesterday. Because, Balikesir 'Come in, Canakkale 's hope Bursa'or fast train to arrive.

Bursa'or if he will go to those provinces.


In such an environment we expect The first sound from Fan Club came, Bursa Deserves More saying first output Bursa Fan Cube President Ali Ademoğlu made.

Tonight at 19.30 CP Hotel Ankarameeting Bursa next to the deputies Ankara'The top bureaucracy in.

Living Room Bursa Deserves Equipped with banners and posters. To be given to guests fast train photographed and Bursa Deserves Written gifts were created.

That's why…

Bursa Fan Clubü and president Contact Ali directlyis already celebrating, "Good job" Call. It's very important to ask.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - Olay

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