Tram from Bursa to Bucharest and Bus to Rome

bus to bus
bus to bus

From Bursa to Bucharest TramsTo Rome Bus; The beginning olan Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, in next years automotive industry mainly returned to production.


Tofas-Fiat ve Oyak Renault The two major automobile manufacturers, such as the city's industrial balance has turned the textile industry to automotive. The automotive supplier industry Bursa'became one of the main sectors of.

Years ago…

As a journalist;Mudanya ve Gemlik scaffold automobile export for news automobile We took the photos. In the days when the industry opened to the outside automobile export city the feeling of being excited.

Later ...

Karsan 'with commercial vehicles Manufacture at Bursa'started. Production in recent years the bus It turned.


Bursa'on Karsan facilities Municipality of RomeWhat is delivered 227 bus Italy'capitol Rome are preparing to carry passengers on the streets. Citymood model buses Rome 20 time of day on the streets will carry passengers.

In one item Municipality of RomeWhat 227 bus exports Karsan by the end of the year bin bus export Aims. This development is important in terms of tire Bursa'as a productive city.

Besides the…

Iron wheeled urban vehicles prove their success Durmazlar manufacture trams Bursa, Kocaeli, Samsun transporting passengers on the roads; The honor of Bursa an acceptable news came yesterday morning.

Turkey''s first native tram manufacturer Durmazlar'of Romania 'capitol Bucharest'to win tram tender rail system tools production and exports are of great importance.

100 tender covering the trolley contract, no doubt Europe'the gates of other cities Bursalı Durmazlar'A will open.

All this Bütün

Mudanya ve Gemlik It also tells us how we have come from the years we took photos of the cars exported from the piers.

Bursa'now also an industry that succeeds and have the production.


Because the automotive tram is also added sector grew and developed promising for the future has become.

We are proud of our companies that have experienced this development and change.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz – Olay


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