Bursa Cable Car Schedules Canceled Due to Strong Wind

uludag ropeway flights canceled due to strong wind
uludag ropeway flights canceled due to strong wind

Turkey's most important winter tourism expedition to the cable car to Uludag transfers from the center were suspended for a day due to severe blowing wind.

In the statement made by Bursa Teleferik A.Ş., which has reached the peak of 500 thousand passengers per hour with 140 cabins per hour, “Our facility will be closed full day due to heavy wind”.

About Bursa Cable Car

Ski lifts Bursa, Turkey's first line of cable car. It was opened on October 29, 1963. one of Bursa's city symbol is also Turkey's Bursa Cableway DUdUr longest cable car line 9 km horizontal length of rope transportation. It is also a living center with its entertainment centers and shopping shops located at its stations. Bursa Teleferik, which includes 4 stations, departs from Teferrüç station in Teferrüç District, close to Yıldırım district in South Bursa, and reaches the hotels region in Uludağ. The cable car line, whose infrastructure was renewed in 2014 by the Italian company Leitner Ropeways, Teleferik Holding A.Ş. operated by.

Bursa Cable Car Stations

In total there are 4 stations. The farthest distance between the two stations is between Sarıalan and Oteller Bölgesi and 4212 meters.

Teferrüç station
Teferrüç Station; It is an automation driven system, 240 car park, administrative departments of 70 company team, entertainment shops, escalator and entrance hall with large passenger reception hall.

Kadıyayla station
The facility is still under construction. There are picnic areas.

Sarıalan station
Sarıalan, the last station until the new restructuring in 2014, is the intermediate station with the opening of the Hotels Region.

Hotels Area station
Hotel Area Station, which is the last station of the cable car line, provides transportation to hotels in Uludağ ski resort.

Bursa Cable Car Technical Details

Line respectively: (Teferrüç - Kadıyayla) / (Kadıyayla - Sarıalan) / (Sarıalan - Hotels)
Horizontal Distance 8837 meters
Jeans difference 44
Number of Cabins 140
Time of journey 32 minutes 12 seconds
Travel Speed 6 meters / sec Total: Approx. 22 km / h
Passenger capacity 1500 people / hour
Distance between cabins About 115 meter
Cabin arrival time 19 every second
Cabin capacity 8 people sitting down
Motor power 2 × 653 kW Kadıyayla Station, 652 kW Hotels Station, (These two stations are referred to as driving stations)
Tension Stations (Stations where the rope is stretched with a piston): Teferrüç, Hotels

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