Great Scandal in TCDD Tenders! 1,5 Gave 32 Tender to Her Husband's Company

tcdd auctions scandal million liralik tender gave to his wife's company
tcdd auctions scandal million liralik tender gave to his wife's company

Great Scandal in TCDD Tenders! 1,5 Awarded Million Pounds 32 Tender to Her Husband's Company; Babacan, who was assigned as the facilities supervisor in the National Railway Signaling Project, was sued for the 31 public official, including his wife and former regional manager.

According to Seyhan Avşar from the Republic; "The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) by the National Railway Signaling Project Facilities deployed as of controller Veysel Karani Babacan, the Public Procurement Act (PPA) contrary way, 1 million 584 thousand 64 £ consideration in 32 pieces signaling tender, wife Sündüs It turns out that Babacan gave it to the front company. It was learned that Babacan became the head of this company after his retirement. The old TCDD 1 with Babacan and his wife. District Manager Nihat Arslan, including the public official of the tender 31 misdemeanor has been sued for complicity.


TCDD Inspection Board initiated an investigation into the incident. According to the investigation report Babacan, 1. and 3. He was assigned to tender, procurement and implementation of 32 signaling project, which was realized with open tenders and direct procurement in the districts. Babacan prepared the documents for these projects and the contractor companies work and manufacturing either incomplete or not at all, but the "Appropriate" as a record was transferred. In this way, Babacan contractor companies said that the payment was made irregularly.

Babacan also allowed Raycan, a partner of his wife Sündüs Babacan, to participate in the tenders despite the fact that he was assigned to three of the four open tenders for signaling projects, although he was a member of the tender commission. In addition, 28 gave direct supply to his wife's company.

In his statement, Babacan stated that he participated in the preparation of the curriculum of the Anatolian Technical High Schools Rail Systems Technology Department, that he had a book on this subject, that he lectured, that he was assigned as a controller in the YHT tender works, that the works under the National Signalization Project were done very cheaply. .


Babacan, "because of high-speed train projects is a very intensive work, the top pressure to be done in a short time, the works under the threshold value of the bargaining procedure to tender, the tender of his wife's company," he said. Babacan admitted that he took over the company after his retirement.


His wife Sündüs Babacan stated that his wife was not allowed to retire in the statement of the prosecutor's office and therefore the company was made on him “I transferred the company after my wife retired. We didn't make corruption ”.

At the end of the investigation, the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office issued an indictment against 31, including Babacan and his wife, with the request of imprisonment of between three years and seven years on charges of involving in the tender of public institutions and organizations. Indictment İstanbul Anadolu 8. Sent to the Criminal Court of First Instance. However, in October 31 ruled for lack of jurisdiction and sent the case to the heavy criminal court. The decision, these actions may be embezzled crime was recorded.


Raycan was founded by 2011. 2013 thousand 1 TL, 593 thousand direct 900 thousand 17 TL, 574-614 2012 in four open tenders from Regional Directorate. It has been determined that 2013 has taken 3 thousand 11 TL work with 415 units directly in the Regional Directorate.

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