Mayor Seçer Gives Date for Mersin Metro

president secer gave date for mersin metro
president secer gave date for mersin metro

📩 21/11/2021 10:11

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer was the guest of the live broadcast of the "Alarm Clock" program with İsmail Küçükkaya, which was broadcast on FOX TV screens. President Seçer made evaluations about the Metro Project and the new lines included in the project.

For the first time, Seçer made detailed explanations about Metro and said: “I will have a Metro investment. An important investment. We are considering the 3 stage. 28.6 kilometers, 7 and a half kilometers above the ground Metro, 13.4 kilometers underground rail system and 7.7 kilometers tram. Consider a coastline from Mersin East to West. The 13.4 kilometer will come from that underground and then 7 will go half a mile from the surface to the City Hospital. This is the first time I've explained this in detail. We are also planning a tram line to the University Hospital and the University. In 2020 we'll shoot the pickaxe. Here we want to do this in a different way. We are looking for credit from abroad. Let's find the loan from there, let the firm do the construction, we want to give the financing and the construction of the business somewhere. ”

Mayor Seçer added that they went to the announcement for the purchase of buses and they will receive total 100 buses. In January we will also take 73 buses, total 27 buses. We will renew our bus café, we have shortages, we will reinforce the routes, and we will disable our models that are obsolete or obsolete. We consider public transport as a concept of Metro, bus and 100 planning of the year. What we will do between 5-2019, how many buses we will take, we went to the purchase. There was a project I found before me. Nothing had been done yet. Mr. President received this project in our period investment program. But we overhauled him. We have also introduced the subway to the regions with less socio-economic development level. The City Hospital line runs through our Mediterranean district and is home to extremely low-income families. Metro should not be seen only as a transportation project. The development project of the city should also be considered as a social project. We care about this. ”

Map of Mersin Metro

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