Atabarı Ski Center Preparing for Winter Season

atabari ski resort preparing for winter season
atabari ski resort preparing for winter season

Atabar take place between the path of Turkey's most important ski resort Ski Center is preparing for the winter season.

Artvin Governor Yılmaz Doruk received information from the authorities by seeing the works carried out before the new season at the Atabarı Ski Center, which was built in 2 on Mersivan Mountain with an altitude of approximately 200 by Artvin Governorship.

Governor Doruk accompanying Artvin Deputy Erkan Balta, Youth Services Sports Provincial Director Bahattin Orphan, Provincial Special Administration Secretary General Orhan Yazici, Provincial General Assembly President Furkan Cakmak and some members of the provincial general assembly and political party representatives found in the ski resort.

Called as “hidden paradise”, Artvin is among the cities preferred for alternative tourism with its historical churches and bridges, hills, always snowy mountains, crater lakes, rich fauna and flora, lush plateaus and lakes located between forests.

Atabarı Ski Center, which was built in 2009 to make its mark in winter tourism as well as summer and alternative tourism, is 18 kilometers away from the city center and welcomes its guests with a quality snow structure among spruce, fir and pine trees.

Artvin Governor Yilmaz Doruk, where his statement, Atabar Ski Center should profit from the quality of both their nature the most important winter tourism centers of Turkey noted that the way to becoming one.

Governor Doruk, Atabari Ski Center 2019-2020 is ready for the winter season, said the work is continuing uninterrupted.

Stating that Artvin resembles heaven on earth with its natural beauties in every season, Doruk said, “Our city, which welcomes many local and foreign visitors with its fresh air and nature in summer, has become a favorite of ski lovers in winter. We will be pleased to welcome ski lovers in our new winter season. ”

Artvin Deputy Erkan Balta said that Artvin has significant tourism potential.

Stating that tourism continues to grow exponentially in Artvin every year, Deputy Balta said, “It is quite ambitious in winter tourism with the Atabarı Ski Resort in the city center, which has significant potential in every field of tourism with its unique beauties. This winter we have made a number of activities for ski lovers to choose Artvin. One of them was to improve the road to the ski resort and make it more comfortable. At this point, I would like to thank the Special Provincial Administration of Artvin, which covered the 8 km route with a compacted concrete system in a short time, and wish it to be beneficial to all of Artvin. We will work non-stop for an Artvin that gets its share of tourism. ”

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