Antalya Elmalı Bus Station Construction Continues

antalya apple bus station is building
antalya apple bus station is building

Mayor Böcek, “The modern terminal will be worthy of Elmalı” The construction of the new bus terminal, which was built by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality on an area of ​​1000 square meters in Elmalı, is under construction. The basement reached ground level in the completed project. President Muhittin Böcek, the terminal will reduce traffic density in the district center and modern face would suit Apple, he said.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science and Construction began to be built on an area of ​​approximately 10 thousand square meters Elmalı Bus Terminal construction work continues rapidly. The old bus terminal, which has been in service since the 1970 years but failed to keep up with the conditions of the developing Elmali, is leaving. The new terminal will serve the new site next to the State Hospital with its modern face.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Insect said that Elmalı Bus Terminal will reduce the traffic density in the district center and will suit Elmalı very well. Stating that the bus terminal will be a facility worthy of Elmalı with its many features, Mayor Insect said, “I am sure that our terminal, which will produce its own electricity thanks to solar panels, will set an example for many projects with this aspect. This terminal, which has a capacity to meet the needs of Elmalı for many years, is located in our district. kazanWe are very happy to climb,” he said.


Elmalı Mayor Halil Öztürk, who visited the new bus terminal construction site and received information from the authorities about the work carried out, thanked the Mayor of Antalya Muhittin Böcek.


2 will have a closed area of ​​bin700 square meters In the Elmalı Bus Terminal project, 8 bus platform, ticket sales offices, semi-open and closed waiting areas, masjid, shelter, PTT, restaurant, commercial shops, police, municipal police and administrative offices, personnel rooms, technical rooms and has outdoor parking. With this equipment, the new terminal will serve the people of the district and tourism. The terminal, which will generate its own electricity through solar panels, stands out with its environmentalist aspect.

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