Fever Work in Antalya 3rd Stage Rail System Project

antalya stage rail system project fummali study
antalya stage rail system project fummali study

Feverish Work in Antalya 3rd Stage Rail System Project; Feverish work continues in the 3rd Stage Rail System Project of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Medium-median excavation and infrastructure works have been completed at the Bus Station-Meltem stage of the line, under-rail concrete work has started. While the concrete of the tunnels passing under the Bus Terminal Junction is being reinforced, the excavation of the Western Station, which will be underground to which the tunnels will be connected, continues.

Metropolitan Municipality 3, which is in service at Varsak-Otogar stage. In the Stage Rail System Project, a feverish study is being carried out in the section from the Bus Station Junction to the door of the Meltem Gate of Akdeniz University. Rain water drainage and infrastructure works were completed in the middle refuge of Dumlupınar Boulevard between Otogar-Meltem where the line will pass. Reinforced concrete works started under the rail.


The turn-off of the tramway that will provide the passage of the Bus Station Interchange from underground and the concrete of the beginning of the tunnel is finished. While the excavation of the 960 meter long double underground tunnel is completed, the concrete works are continuing. Insulation work is also done in the tunnels. Excavation is being carried out at the underground station called West Station at a depth of 27 meters where underground tunnels will be connected.


  1. Within the scope of the Stage Rail System project, the trees removed from the Dumlupınar Boulevard of D650 Highway met with soil at the Hurma Wastewater Treatment Plant of the General Directorate of ASAT. Trees removed from the middle median transplantation system were planted in the eastern façade of the Hurma Wastewater Treatment Plant.


  1. Within the scope of the Stage Rail System Project, the work of the pedestrian overpasses with escalators and elevators continues at two different points, Dumlupınar Boulevard-Ulusoy Street intersection and Akdeniz University-Gendarmerie.

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