Ankara Metro, Technical Specifications and Map

ankara subways and maps
ankara subways and maps

Ankara subway, the subway system serving the capital of Turkey in Ankara. It is operated by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate. The Metro first started operating on 28 December 1997 on the Kızılay Batıkent route.

Kızılay Çayyolu Subway

Kizilay-Cayyolu (M2) Subway is composed of 16,59 km long double line and 11 stations. The subway line was replenished and put into service on 13.03.2014 ceremony and transferred to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for operation.


●● Line length: 16.590 m.
●● Number of Stations: 11
●● Passenger Carrying Capacity: 1.200.000 passengers / day (theoretical maximum capacity in one direction)

The line, which was built from Kızılay to Koru; Necatibey, National Library, Söğütözü, MTA, METU, Bilkent, Ministry of Agriculture-Council of State, Beytepe, Ümitköy, Çayyolu, Koru Station.

Batıkent Sincan Metro

15,42 consists of km long double lines and 11 station construction works. The subway line was completed and opened to service with a ceremony on 12.02.2014 and delivered to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for operation.


●● Line length: 15.420 m.
●● Number of Stations: 11
●● Passenger Carrying Capacity: 1.200.000 passengers / day (theoretical maximum capacity in one direction)

Tandoğan Keçiören Subway

The building and construction works of the line designed as 10.582 meter line and 11 station between Tandoğan and Keçiören started on 15.07.2003. The section covering 9.220 meter line and 9 station between Keçiören-AKM stations was transferred to the Ministry of Transportation with the protocol signed on 25.04.2011. For this line, the relevant Ministry has started the works by making the tender on 13.12.2011 date, the contract on 02.02.2012 date, and taken over by the Authority on 05.01.2017.

The Ministry of Transportation is continuing the tender (3,3 km line, 3 station) to connect to the Red Crescent via the TCDD High Speed ​​Train GAR from the AKM station.


●● Line length: 9.220 m.
●● Number of Stations: 9
●● Passenger Carrying Capacity: 1.200.000 passengers / day (theoretical maximum capacity in one direction)

Keçiören Kuyubaşı YHT Station Metro Connection

The study project is about to be completed and with the construction of the project, the passengers who will land in Sıhhiye and Demirlibahçe from Sincan - Kayaş Suburb with the passengers in the vicinity of Kızılay, as well as YHT passengers will be able to reach the Esenboğa Airport. transfer centers and urban rail system lines.

In addition to the existing Kuyubaşı Station under the Esenboğa Airport Rail System Connection, a direct connection to the tail tunnel at the new Kuyubaşı Station will be provided.

The passenger potential of the Keçiören Metro Line will be mitigated with the construction of this line.

In addition to the direct access to the Esenboğa Airport to Yıldırım Be-inscription University, a warehouse site will also be designed near Yıldırım Beyazıt University station.

Ankara Keçiören Kuyubaşı-Esenboğa Airport-Yıldırım Beyazıt University Subway Connection


●● Line Length: 26,2 km
●● Number of Stations: 7
●● Design Speed: 120 km / h
●● Passenger Capacity: 700.000 passengers / g

It is planned to be connected to the existing Tandoğan - Keçiören (M4) metro network from Kuyubaşı Station to connect Esenboğa Airport and Yıldırım Beyazıt University to the city center metro lines.

The study-project work has been completed and it has been decided to be undertaken by the Ministry with the decision of the Council of Ministers.

Ankara Metros Vehicle Purchase

●● The contract was signed on 13.08.2012.
●● In the project, the body of the vehicles will be made of stainless steel. Within the scope of this work, 324 (108 set) vehicles will be manufactured in order to renew Ankara Metro vehicles. These tools are 177 Total (59 set) is manufactured in China, 147 number (49 set) while in Turkey has begun production in May 2017. Until the end of September 2018 production was completed and 222 (74 set) vehicles which passed the tests successfully were delivered to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. The minimum 75 domestic contribution rate is stated on the first 30 vehicle, including the body, and the minimum 51 domestic contribution rate on the remaining vehicles is stipulated.

Ankara Metro Working Hours

Ankara Metro, which is used by millions of people per day and is a reliable vehicle that solves traffic problems to a great extent, is as follows:

Morning o'clock: It starts from 06:00.

Night time: It closes at 01:00.

Ankara subway is open during holidays and public holidays.

Ankara Metro Map

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