Ankara Metro will accelerate at 2020

ankara metro will also accelerate
ankara metro will also accelerate

Ankara Metro will accelerate at 2020; Answering frequently asked questions about public transportation in Ankara, EGO General Directorate answered the question ardından How is the Koru metro line schedules are organized? “. The remarkable point in the response was that the signaling works in the subway continued and the completion of 2020 in the summer months was aimed. EGO's response included the following statements:


According to Murat Yılmaz from Hürriyet; “Ankara Metro Operations OSB / Törekent-Koru line is serviced with the 07.00 train set and approximately 09.30 minute service interval during winter weekday morning and evening (16.00-20.00 and 40-4). The specified service interval is complied with in case of any failure or failure.

The number of passengers at the Ankara Metro Facility is monitored daily and it is seen that the number of trains meets the travel demands. However, necessary arrangements will be made in the number of trains according to the increase in the number of passengers.


However, due to various malfunctions, our trains occasionally leave automatic mode and therefore have to be moved in manual mode. This may result in delays in service. In case of such failures, spare trains in waiting lines are put into service in order to reduce passenger grievance and service delay. In addition, some problems will disappear directly after the signaling system works carried out by the related contractor companies under the control of the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Signaling is expected to be completed in the summer of 2020. ”


After the completion of the signaling work, metropolitan municipality officials stated that the journey intervals of the subway will be arranged at a rate of 2 per minute, and that the maximum speed of 72 kilometers can be increased to 80 kilometers. Officials gave Hürriyet Ankara the following information: ınca When the signaling works are completed, Metro vehicles will be prevented from emergency braking for no reason. Trains will be prevented from switching from automatic to manual mode. 2 minutes will be used to schedule the schedule that will allow you to organize your voyage frequently. The maximum speed from 72 kilometers / speed can be increased to 80 kilometers / speeds. Hız

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