Island Express Expedition Number Increased

island express expeditions increased
island express expeditions increased

Island Express Expedition Number Increased; In recent days, one of the issues that received the most complaints Island Express expeditions again reciprocal 4 expedition, mutual 5 expedition said.

Sakarya Civil Society Platform on the expeditions of Ada Express (SASTOP). In the statement made, Island Train's voyages again from reciprocal 4 expedition, mutual 5 expedition said. It was stated that the decision of the Island Train Commission will be implemented as of December 7.

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Sastop Chairperson Av. Ü. Önder Döker made a statement on behalf of the ADA TRAIN COMMISSION.

As Sastop, our interviews with TCDD and TCDD Transporters give positive results. Adapazarı Expresses, which are run as 07 departure between Adapazarı - Pendik Adapazarı since December 4 departure 4 departure 5 return has been increased as of December. Increasing the number of wagons is also on the agenda.

07 From December to 5 will return 5 return train times:

Adapazari Departure Pendik Departure

05.50 08.11

07.00 10.50

13.05 16.35

14.30 18.35

18.50 21.15

According to the information we received from the authorities

THIRD (3.) Construction of the conventional line When the works are completed, the number of trips to ADA EXPRESS can be increased to 8 - 12 as before and 8 - 12 can be multiplied as round trip and return. We share the knowledge that the number of flights will be increased according to the interest and need of the train to the public.

We need to keep our train. Our people have the right to travel cheap train came. In order for us not to lose this service, everyone should do their part.

As Sastop members, we would like to thank all the people who served us and who supported our Train with us and our people who supported us with their signatures. (The Sakaryayenihab)

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