A first in Turkey ..! Smart Taxi Period Begins in Ankara

a first ankarada turkiyede smart taxi donemi basliyor
a first ankarada turkiyede smart taxi donemi basliyor

a first in Turkey ..! Smart Taxi Period Begins in Ankara; Ankara Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who made another election promise, introduced the first prototype of the “Smart Taxi Project ına to the press.

Slow President stating the application will be implemented in Turkey for the first time in Turkey, the technology system to serve the 7 701 thousand taxi drivers in the capital gave the good news to be distributed free of charge.


Mayor Yavaş pointed out that the project will provide various benefits not only to taxi shopkeepers, but also to customers, municipalities and city transportation.

Answering questions from members of the press, President Yavaş said, ınca When the works are defined, 7 bin 701 in Ankara will be distributed free of charge to the taxi driver. The financing of this will not come out of the municipality. In line with the agreements we have made, it will be installed free of charge with the use of the internet, long term issuance of the contract and advertising agreements. That's good for the driver. This has some injuries for the client. It will be useful for municipal and city transportation. It will help us to implement Smart Ankara Project. Taxis will have front and rear cameras. The standards required by the Ministry of Interior are included in this application. When the integration with the interior is completed, God forbid when the accident outside the vehicle as well as the images inside, we will see the images.

Panic buttons will also be included in the system, which will also contribute to the safety of the taxi shopkeepers. When the customer or driver presses the ik panic button karşısında in the event of an emergency, the Call Center will be activated automatically and will be notified to the emergency security forces.

The cameras in the taxi will make facial recognition within the scope of the Ministry of Interior circular for the Security units and the identification of the people sought. In case of any incident in and out of the taxi, the panic button on the driver and passenger side will be able to record the event images.


Giving information about the method of operation of the system President Yavaş, said:

"For example; We will see how many taxis are currently in traffic in Ankara via the internet. This will help us manage traffic regularly. Only the minibuses remain. We'il meet with them. Passenger comfort will also increase as traffic congestion decreases when they are also included in the system. When we include taxis in the system, local traffic will be relieved.

Namely; Stall external taxis expect customers in traffic. They won't wait for customers anymore. The customer will find them. Once they download this application to call a taxi from the stop, they will be able to call the taxi they want. So there will be less circulation in traffic. ”

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, also clarified the issue of taxi fares and said, zam When the price of taxi rises came, tradesman had the 450 lira adjusted. This won't be necessary. It will be updated automatically. In addition, our taxi drivers will receive advertising. They can earn extra money from here. Buradan


Underlining that they will continue to implement smart city applications in Ankara, Mayor Yavaş said, “Smart Card is coming into play soon. With our mobile application, customers will be able to pay taxi fare with smart cards and see the way they go. He's going to be able to see if he's taking a shortcut or going the distance. There was no such complaint in Ankara, but the customer will be able to travel more safely. If you called the taxi on the application, you will see which taxi driver came, you will see the license plate, you will see the model of the vehicle and he will see how many pounds he will pay in advance. Tender will be held soon. Our negotiations with the companies that will become sponsors have been completed ”.

With the “Smart Taxi Project” application, the lost belongings in the taxi can be returned to the owner by taking the location and location information. Thanks to the foreign language support of the software on the tablets to be placed in taxis, the communication problem of taxi shopkeepers as well as tourists coming to Ankara will be eliminated.


Thanks to the system, the customer can enter the travel information into the tablets in the vehicle and learn the amount to pay during the journey.

Citizens with the system will eliminate the obligation to carry cash, taxi fares outside of credit card can also pay with ANKARAKART. Taxi shopkeepers will also provide an additional income by buying advertising, capitalist taxi drivers will also relax economically.

Within the scope of smart urban applications, both air pollution and noise pollution of the city can be measured through the sensor to be placed in taxis.

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