Samsun Sivas Railway SAI Report! 72 Million Euros What Happened?

samsun sivas railway sayistay report
samsun sivas railway sayistay report

Samsun Sivas Railway, which was returned to the snake story, full of many questions and problems, was widely included in the 'Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure 2018 Audit Report of the Court of Accounts' XNUMX.

The founder of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's Republic of Turkey on September 21, 1924, which first started hitting the digging work, the Samsun-Sivas, 378 kilometers (Thick) of the railway line was completed on September 30, 1931. Samsun-Sivas Railway, which was closed to transportation due to the renovation on September 29, 2015 and could not be opened despite the 4 years passed, has found wide coverage in the 2018 Audit Report of the Court of Accounts. The audit report states that the country has lost 72 million Euros (455 million 760 thousand TL) due to delays.


Denetleme In the Samsun-Kalın Railway Line Modernization project within the Transport Operational Program, although the EU funding commitments should be used until the end of the 2017 year, there has been a loss of approximately € 72 million due to the delays in the project due to the inability to use the EU funds unda. Due to this delay in the project, all interim payments for the project were covered by the central government budget in the year 2018 ”.


In the Audit Report of the Court of Auditors regarding the loss of 72 Million Euros, atıf Prime Ministry Circular No. 2011 / 15 on the management of funds to be obtained from the EU before accession ”and IPA Implementing Regulation are referred to. In the “Institutional Structures” section of the Prime Ministry Circular No. 2011 / 15 on the management of the funds to be provided from the EU before accession, programlama The programming authorities shall prepare, contract and execute the projects and activities regarding the projects and activities to be supported; they are responsible for the fulfillment of the duties of performing the controls, monitoring and evaluations related to this. ”


Article 28 of the IPA Implementing Regulation, which regulates the duties and responsibilities of the operating authorities, states that “The operating authorities are responsible for carrying out and monitoring the implementation of programs in accordance with sound financial management principles”. After conveying this information in the TCA Report, “Therefore, the Ministry of Transport Operational Program has the responsibility of controlling and monitoring the project processes in addition to managing IPA projects in accordance with sound financial management principles. It is considered that taking the necessary measures to ensure that these funds can be used in a timely manner, since the return of funds provided by the EU for IPA projects cannot be used effectively, economically and efficiently, and the remaining payments of the projects for which the duration of the contract is fully covered by the central government budget. ”.


The Ministry of Transportation officials responded to the criticism of the Court of Accounts, on the one hand, “the tender approval process takes longer than expected” on the other hand “late start of the contractor on the field work, additional time demands and low performance in compliance with the work program seems to complain.


The European Union has signed so far the largest joint projects with Turkey Samsun-Sivas (Bold) is the renewal of the Railway Line. According to the partnership agreement, the renovation works started at 2015 will end at the end of December, and the system will be put into service at the end of 2017 after the 1 annual test drive. However, 2018 hasn't even started a test drive yet.


November 16, 2018 tarihindeavrup Union (EU) Delegation to Turkey, President Ambassador Christian Berger, Samsun came to the train station, conducted outside the EU's borders with the EU grant biggest project of its kind bearing the Samsun-Sivas (Bold) was found in the examination of the railway line and had come to trial.

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