Logistics Operations to Turkey's 2023 target should be strengthened to Accessibility

Turkiyenin be able to achieve their goal of logistic activities should be strengthened
Turkiyenin be able to achieve their goal of logistic activities should be strengthened

Turkey, indicating that the need to strengthen the logistics activities to achieve the 2023 targets UTIKAD Chairman Emre Eldener, "To this end, the needs of determining the right sector to be in a supportive and empowering nature of the legislation is very important," he said.

Underlining that Logitrans, which is held annually, is important for the sector, UTİKAD Chairman of the Board Emre Eldener is a very important organization for the development of fair logistics. Logitrans brings together European, North African, Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries. Thus, experts of logistics and even supply chain sectors are gathered under the same roof. ”

Mayor Eldener emphasized that the fair is also very important in terms of new business opportunities, sectoral relations and new collaborations. In this sense, we can say that it closely follows the agenda of logistics ”.

President Eldener stated that UTİKAD's agenda included the effects of fluctuations in Istanbul Airport and exchange rate on the foreign trade last year by the TIO Regulation, the new customs law, and also closely monitoring the industrial 4.0's possible impacts to the industry with blockchain implementations. President Eldener stated that these innovative approaches will be included in the fair.

"Turkey Logistics Master Plan should be completed"

Stating that the needs of the logistics must be correctly determined for the branding of the sector abroad, Mayor Eldener said, şart Cooperation between the sector and the public is a must. At the same time, if the regulations are made to support and strengthen the activities of the sector, the target of global growth will be easier if the tariff restrictions and high-cost document fees are avoided. ”

Leader of maritime transport

Stating that the transportation made by sea in 2018 was 65 percent, 12 percent by air, 22 percent by road and 1 percent by rail, Eldener continued: “When looking at the transportation methods in terms of tonnage, seaway is 89 percent, highway is 9 percent, airway is percent 1 and railway transports were 1 percent. The portion of exports, which was 2002 percent in 47.2, by sea rose to 2018 percent in 62.8. In the same period, the share of imports carried by sea increased from 46 percent to 59.6 percent. In addition to the foreign trade of maritime transport, the amount of cargo handled at the ports with coastal and transit transportation continues to increase in general. The total amount of cargo handled, which was 2003 million tons in 190, reached 2018 million tons at the end of 460. ”

In Turkey, the carrying amount of cargo by air except for the year 2002. Between the years 2018-2012 that the constant increase showed that the information Eldener, "annual air freight transport with less than 2002 million tons in 2003-1 reached 2018 million tons in 3.8. While the amount of cargo carried on domestic lines has increased fivefold during this period, the amount of cargo carried on international flights has increased from 0.7 million tons to 2.9 million tons. ”

Yok No significant progress on the railway ”

Despite the high-speed rail investment in attracting attention to the importance of rail transport and Turkey in recent years, rail freight transport is considerable Eldener President stressed sağlanamadığını progress, "Mostly the total amount of load carried on domestic freight transportation in the preferred railways in 2002, while 15.9 million tons in 2017 also reached the level of 28.6 million tons. In terms of railway Turkey has significant potential, "he said.

Of xnumx's percent of export shipments in 2018 Road, import transport of the elder President reminiscent made with the 22 percent foreign vehicles, "in which export shipments from Turkey Turkey means a previous period, according percent 34 decline while living in foreign cars also suffered 3 percent increase. The share of foreign vehicles was realized as 8 percent and Turkish vehicles as 22 percent. Serbia, which has increased its market share among foreign vehicles by 78 and Iran by increasing 22, is noteworthy. ” (World)



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