Fourth Lane Work Completed at Altınyol

The fourth work on the subway is over
The fourth work on the subway is over

Fourth Lane Work at Altınyol is Over; Road works in Altinyol, one of the main arteries of Izmir, which are most exposed to vehicle traffic, have ended. According to preliminary data, traffic congestion was reduced due to the fourth lane added.

The works in Altınyol, one of the most commonly used main arteries of İzmir, have ended. After the completion of Izbeton teams of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the first data obtained from İZUM shows that traffic congestion is reduced.

Construction continues 1 November 2019 Friday traffic jam starts at 7.15 in the morning, 8 November 2019 Friday measurements indicate that the start time of the congestion shifts to 7.30. Likewise, the end time of the traffic congestion decreased from 9.20 to 9.00. 4, which is rainy, starts later in the other four days except for Monday and ends earlier in the evening. Compared to the five days after the end of the studies, the improvement was achieved between 15-30 minutes in the morning hours and 15-35 minutes in the morning hours due to the road from three lanes to four lanes.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Naldöken Junction and Adnan Kahveci Bridge between the intersection of the three-lane coastal side of the four lanes continues to work to remove. Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that they will continue to work on improving roads and reducing traffic congestion in Izmir, while underlining that public transportation and rail system are their priorities in the solution of transportation problem.

Care was given to the environment and trees

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the trees in the area where the work was carried out without damaging the transfer. The transported trees are kept under maintenance and transported to green areas.

The photos showing the traffic start time at Altınyol belong to Soğukkuyu Junction. 5 November 2019 and 12 are photos taken at the same time by İZUM showing the traffic density on November 2019 days. Time and date information is available.

11 November 2019 On Monday, travel speeds due to precipitation decreased, causing traffic to end late. Compared to 4 November 2019 Monday is a day without precipitation.

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