TCDD Personnel Resigned in 2009

TCDD staff quit action has been decided
TCDD staff quit action has been decided

TCDD Personnel Quit in 2009 Year Decided; The Constitutional Court ruled that the disciplinary action imposed by TCDD personnel who quit their jobs in 2009 in addition to quitting their jobs did not constitute a violation of rights.

In 2009, civil servants of the United Transport Workers Union (BTS) affiliated to KESK carried out a job quit in TCDD. Due to the actions, all train services in Mersin-Adana region were canceled, Çukurova train was suspended for 270 hours, and Adana-Konya-Ulukışla freight train services were canceled. Due to these cancellations, passengers were transported by buses and TCDD suffered loss of income and prestige.

In addition to the action, some personnel prevented the Çukurova Express from being taken into the warehouse in order to carry out the formation maneuver.

Because of these actions, they were sentenced to pay monthly at the rate of 1 / 8.

In the case before the Constitutional Court, it noted that in addition to the act of quitting work, the de facto blockage of the trains went beyond the confusion to be incurred and impeded the rights of others, and that the disciplinary sanction imposed did not constitute a violation of rights.

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