KARDEMİR Reaches Goal in Continuous Casting Capacity

Kardemir reached the target with continuous weaving capacity
Kardemir reached the target with continuous weaving capacity

KARDEMİR has completed 5 construction and mechanical installation works for about 4 months. Continuous Casting Machine investment was put into operation with a ceremony.

KARDEMİR 3,5 Continuous Casting Capacity reaches to targeted 4 Million tons. Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel, Karabük MPs Cumhur Ünal, Niyazi Güneş and Hüseyin Avni Aksoy, Mayor of Karabük Rafet Vergili, Karabük Haddeciler Association President Pehlivan Baylan, Chairman of Özçelik-İş Trade Union and General Manager Yunus Değirmenci Board Members, Members of the Board of Directors, General Manager Hüseyin Soykan, Assistant General Manager, Özçelik-İş Union Karabük Branch Chairman Ulvi Üngören and Branch Board Members and employees attended the meeting.

Due to the commissioning of the new facilities, the General Manager, who provided information about the investment in the ceremony held at the Steelworks. Hüseyin Soykan said that the new continuous casting machine will add power to the power of Karabük industry together with Kardemir. 1,5 has been renewed and increased in capacity in the last 4 months. Blast Furnace, 120 reminds us that the new lime factory, which has both increased capacity and modernized, has started processing the 4 ton steel production converters. Stating that an investment of approximately 300 million TL has been realized with the continuous casting machine, Soykan said that with the new machine, new employment in 100 personality is provided.

Soykan also gave information about the technological advantages of the 150 ton / year continuous casting machine, which will produce 170 mm and 1.250.000 mm square section billets, and stated that high quality and high speed production can be made in the plant.

Our General Manager continued his speech by noting that Kardemir is not only focused on production but also in all areas. Le With this facility, we have increased our billet casting capacity to 3.5 million tons annually. When we completed the new Blast Furnace investment 6 no. Kardemir, which produces 2021 million tons of steel, which has been dreamed for many years, will be realized. Kardemir continues to grow in accordance with the vision set by our Board of Directors. This growth is not only focused on production. We grow by making our environmental investments and we are growing by fulfilling our social responsibilities. We are growing by producing advanced technological steels used in automotive and defense industries with high added value. We are growing by realizing digital transformation with targets that are in line with our country's 3.5 targets. We are growing up with our happier, more peaceful employees and our union. We are growing with our shareholders, suppliers, in short with all our stakeholders. ”

In his speech, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Ömer Faruk Öz pointed out that Kardemir has invested more than $ 10 billion in the last 1 year and said: nedeniyle Because of his contributions to the realization of these investments, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was firstly honored by both the Ministry of Transportation and the Prime Minister. I would like to thank Binali Yıldırım and all the ministers in our government and all the deputies who have served as deputies in Karabük. These investments are not only realized by our own resources. We are making efforts to reflect all kinds of opportunities and support of our state to our Kardemir. ”

Although Kardemir is a private sector company with% 100 private capital, Öz stated that the government is looking at Kardemir as a strategic partner and that the support of Kardemir is always above the growth and renewal point, and that he believes that this support will continue in the future. Reminding that Turkey's Kardemir carried the rails and railway wheels production of strategic products Ömer Faruk Oz "began in investments related 2013 2017% of railway wheels and up to about 85 has been completed. After joining the board of directors, we have made efforts to complete this investment quickly. Today the world 16. We became Railway Wheel manufacturer. It is already in production and I hope we will make the opening with the presence of the President. ”

1 has been opened and has a production capacity of 250 million 4 thousand tons of billets. Continuous casting machine will increase the amount of billets offered for sale along with the rolling mill Öz, Kardemir not only his own need, Karabük'teki rolling mills to meet the need, he said. Ömer Faruk Öz pointed out that billets, which are the raw materials of high-quality steels to be used in the Automotive and Defense Industry, will be produced in the casting facility which was commissioned and stated the importance of the Filyos Port project for Kardemir, whose infrastructure investment continues, “Kardemir will be the biggest user of Filyos Port. Therefore, we conveyed the superstructure of the port project to the Ministry of Industry and Technology and to the Ministry of Industry and Technology with the leadership of Kardemir, the rolling mills in Karabük, our businessmen in Zonguldak and Bartın together with our Governor and MPs.

Kardemir Chairman of the Board Kamil Güleç 25 at the ceremony held after the decision to close the Karabük Iron and Steel Factory years ago and the history of Karabük 8 November Life Stop Actions in the actions of "Continuous Casting Machine Set up, Karabük Iron Steel Factory Kurtulsun" reminded that the banners in the form of “ the period, even a continuous casting machine, was a dream for us and a hope of salvation. Today 8 25 in Kardemir remaining 4 days to the 4 anniversary of the November acts. We are happy to start the continuous casting machine. ”

After the privatization of Kardemir, the first method of steel production has been changed and the production of steel from Siemens Martin Quarries has been switched to continuous casting and oxygen converting, and the new steel mill established in this context has increased productivity and profitability rapidly. Together with the machine, Kardemir noted that its continuous casting capacity reached 4 Million tons.

Governor Fuat Gürel said that an integrated facility with a capacity of one thousand tons of 500 has come to these days with the efforts of our state, Karabuk and veterans working in Kardemir. It will reach tons of capacity. It is an integrated facility that will become one of the first 3 plants in the world. This is indeed a proud development both for Karabük and for our country. I met the Iron and Steel sector here and learned how valuable the sector is for our country. I hope Kardemir will grow, develop and will continue to serve as a locomotive for the development of our country. Our country will develop with such investments, Karabük will develop with such investments, Kardemir will grow in Karabük will grow. Qualified steel is very important, now we will produce qualified products ourselves. The defense industry has achieved great success in recent years. While Kardemir is developing, it is necessary to work with environmental problems. While making large investments on the one hand, it also makes huge investments in the environment. We meet with our Environmental Directorate and Kardemir management in my Presidency. We are talking about how we can provide a healthier environment in Karabük. Hopefully, the investments made in order to increase production are very important and we will also follow environmental investments. We will do our best to make Karabük a more livable city. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the establishment of this facility from the employee to the manager, congratulations, and the new facility will be beneficial. ”

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