Izmir Included in the European Bicycle Route Network

Izmir cycling route included
Izmir cycling route included

Izmir was included in the European Bicycle Route Network; The European Cyclists Federation accepted Izmir's request for inclusion in the European Bicycle Route Network. Thus Izmir Turkey became the first city to join the network. Linking the ancient cities of Bergama and Ephesus, the bike route will also contribute to sustainable tourism and transportation.

The application made by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken important steps for the development of bicycle tourism, to be included in the European Bicycle Route Network (EuroVelo) has been accepted and its membership has been officially announced. At the end of 2016, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which applied to the European Bicycle Federation, received the news he had been waiting for. EuroVelo officials announced that the 500-kilometer bike route in Izmir has joined the network as a continuation of the EuroVelo 8-Mediterranean route. Thus, Izmir, attended by about 7 billion euros per year with economic size EuroVelo from Turkey became the first city.

Sustainable economy

Saying that EuroVelo is an important project that combines sustainable tourism and transportation policies and sharing the good news, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “EuroVelo membership is a very important one for Izmir, which works to improve its bicycle transportation infrastructure and bicycle culture. kazanNS. As of today, we are starting the route strengthening and development works for the 500-kilometer Izmir extension created in the north-south direction.” Adding that the addition of İzmir to the EuroVelo 8-Mediterranean Route is also important for a sustainable economy, Tunç Soyer said, “The cyclist who enters the country with the EuroVelo route, visits local accommodation points, eating and drinking places, local historical and cultural values ​​for many sectors. creates a sustainable economic contribution. Investments and regulations made in the city for EuroVelo infrastructure also support the goal of sustainable transportation.”

The EuroVelo Director Ádám Bodor "EuroVelo of this important part of Turkey's Mediterranean coastline 8-rotas has made us very happy to participate. It is amazing that the ancient cities of Ephesus and Bergama (Pergamon) are located in the EuroVelo network. We worked very closely with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality during the application process and we were very impressed by the city's cycling projects. ”

Ferry connection between Athens and Cyprus

EuroVelo 8- Mediterranean Route, which is a long-distance cycling route with a ferry connection between Athens and Southern Cyprus, extending from the city of Cadiz in Spain to Southern Cyprus, increases to 500 thousand 8 kilometers with the addition of 60 kilometers of Izmir route. Connecting Spain's Andalusia region to the French Riviera, the Adriatic coast and the Balkan Peninsula, this travel route combines the world's most beautiful landscape and cultural heritage elements.

Still ongoing "MEDCYCLETO" project developed under this new route to Izmir in Turkey, the Greek island in the Aegean Sea through the harbor with ferries connecting. Tourists on bicycles on the Izmir route starting from Dikili to the ancient city of Ephesus, pass through Bergama, Aliağa, Foça, İzmir center, Balıklıova, Alaçatı and Sığacık and reach the ancient city of Ephesus in Selçuk.

Izmir beaches, tranquil harbor cities and the ancient cities of UNESCO World Heritage list Ephesus and Pergamon are fully compatible with this route. with small sea town like Old Foca, Izmir is located on the route of traditional Aegean architecture reflecting the living area as Alacati, kilometers-long sea views as well as hosts of the items on Turkey's culinary culture.

Direction signs placed at 650 point

Within the scope of EuroVelo works, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality made the necessary preparations on the 500-kilometer route in Izmir. Direction signs were placed on 650 points on the route. Asphalt and road arrangement work pieces and points were determined; these works are planned to be completed by the end of 2021. After that, the points where bicycle maintenance units and repair centers will be located, and bicycle-friendly businesses, food and beverage and accommodation points will be determined. Website prepared for EuroVelo promotional activities (veloizmir.org) is currently in use.

What is EuroVelo?

EuroVelo covers 70 long-distance cycling routes planned over 45 thousand kilometers in Europe, 16 thousand kilometers of which have been completed. EuroVelo bike routes, the prestige of the cities in the countries it passes through kazanIt provides support to the economic growth and development of the socio-economic structure. It is stated that the EuroVelo bicycle tourism network brings about 14 billion Euros of gross income per year, including 500 million 6 thousand bicycle tours with accommodation, 400 billion 46 million, 700 million daily tours and 7 million Euros.

Mediterranean cycling route
Mediterranean cycling route

What is the Mediterranean Route?

“EuroVelo 16-Mediterranean Route”, which is one of the 8 long road cycling routes of EuroVelo and which Izmir has applied for membership, starts from Spain. It continues through France, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and passes through 12 countries, Greece and Cyprus. There are 23 world heritage sites and 712 fish species unique to the Aegean Region on the route. With the addition of İzmir to this network, the list is expected to get richer.

european bicycle route
european bicycle route

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