İSPARK, will switch to barrier system against wanders

Ispark will change the barrier system against the staff
Ispark will change the barrier system against the staff

İSPARK Will Become a Barrier System Against the Crushers; Providing clean and secure car parking services to Istanbul residents, İSPARK will switch to a barrier system in car parks that are suitable to prevent illegal operation, which are called 'staffs'.

ISPARK, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, provides service to an average of 33 thousand drivers every day with nearly 500 car parks in 120 districts throughout the city. Especially in open and on-road parking areas, ISPARK, which has been notified that there is illegal business, which is described as 'stickman', has taken action to solve the problem.

ISPARK, which has determined the parking lots operated illegally by evaluating the notifications received by the İBB White Table, has extended the working period in some parking lots especially for such situations after working hours. In this way, precautions were taken in the open parking lot next to the Old Galata Bridge, where illegal operators were identified.


Another measure taken in relation to illegal operation will be the barrier system in the physically appropriate parking lots. İSPARK General Manager Murat Çakır said that some parking lots were occupied by unauthorized operators at the end of working hours.

“We started working to increase security measures. By placing a barrier system at the entrances and exits of the car parks deemed necessary, camera etc. we will also deploy security systems. ”

In line with the notifications, it will be passed to the barrier system next month at the Beyoğlu Azapkapı Haliç Metro Parking Lot, which was determined to be used by illegal operators.


İSPARK is applying for measures and measures to be taken to the security units about the people and persons occupying the parking areas. In order to achieve a permanent solution, it is important that the residents of Istanbul, who see illegal operators, notify the IMM White Table or the security units.

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