68 Decreased Percentage of Persons Lost in Traffic Accidents

the number of people killed in traffic accidents decreased by a hundred percent
the number of people killed in traffic accidents decreased by a hundred percent

The Number of People Who Lost Their Lives in Traffic Accidents Decreased by 68 Percent; The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, who made a presentation at the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Committee, stated that despite the increasing mobility in the road network under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Highways, a 68 percent decrease in the number of people who died in traffic accidents compared to the accident site deaths.

Turhan said that the main reasons for this decrease were the construction of divided roads, the spreading of horizontal and vertical markings, and the establishment of intelligent transportation systems.

Turhan said that the rationalization of roads is one of the priorities required by the era and said that they emphasize on Intelligent Transportation Systems (AUS).

Turhan, stressing that they completed the route in intelligent transportation infrastructure for the first time in Turkey, 505 kilometers in length, "Our goal is to create the 5 thousand 5 kilometers down the road infrastructure in 406 stages. We also finish the architectural design of the 505 km long road whose infrastructure has been completed. By starting the construction next year, we will also establish the first smart way of our country. ” used expressions.

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