4th International Silk Road Businessmen Summit to be Held in Trabzon

International Silkroad Businessmen Summit will be held in Trabzon
International Silkroad Businessmen Summit will be held in Trabzon

Trabzon will host 27-29 on November 2019 and will host 23 close to 700 from the country. International Silkroad Businessmen Summit 'was announced to the public at a press conference on the latest developments.

In the meeting where the Governor of Trabzon İsmail Ustaoğlu provided comprehensive information, Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Suat Hacısalihoğlu and Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union Vice President Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan were also present.

Governor Ustaoğlu, who started his remarks by stating that thanks to the high trade potential on the route of the ancient İpekyolu, has managed to attract the attention of the world today as in the past, Ust many countries, which do not exist, in different areas of the business activities with serious investments to shift this route.

Governor Ustaoğlu; Underlining that the technology, transportation opportunities and communication have come to the point, İpekyolu is no longer referred to as single line countries but also to different continents connected to each other by strong economic relations and continued as follows:

Sak As for the part of the subject that concerns us, that is, our Trabzon, the Bir One Generation, One Road Project üzere has been brought to life in order to add a different kind of excitement and a new excitement to the Silk Road route. The summit to be held in Trabzon in cooperation with the Governorate, Metropolitan Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Union of East Black Sea Exporters, which is coordinated by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance which is inspired by this project, will hopefully provide more returns than the expectations. Ministerial-level Trade Ministry, Transport and Infrastructure Ministry of Industry and Our summit supported by technology of our Ministry, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union, Turkey Exporters Assembly, Vakıfbank, Turkish Airlines, Eastern Black Sea Development Agency, Trabzon Commodity Exchange and enjoys the support of large and important powers such as TAV . "

“Bilateral Business Meetings will be held”

Noting that the representatives of the institutions and business people from the countries in İpekyolu hinterland were invited to the summit, Governor Ustaoğlu said, “23 countries have so far been invited to our invitation and have confirmed their participation. Authorized from Afghanistan, Germany, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Morocco, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Greece I would love to express that we will see their names and business people among us. ” spoke in the form.

Governor Ustaoğlu, participants expressed 23 from 700 close to the country in the best way they entertained at the summit, Trabzon and Turkey will bid farewell on behalf of productive business contacts and good memories with guests, he said.

"Destination: Turkey to strengthen its relations with the region of our country"

At the summit, Governor Ustaoğlu said that the panels will be held with the presentations of high level officials of ministries and international investment and financial institutions in trade and finance investment and cooperation, transportation and logistics, culture and tourism sectors.

“Companies from many sectors including food products and technologies, construction materials, machinery sectors, footwear, energy, shipbuilding, jewelery, furniture, medical, automotive, aquaculture, textile and tourism, with the Turkish companies will conduct business negotiations. The main objectives of the Summit, the consolidation of our relations with Turkey and the countries of the region should be noted that I see is to increase the bilateral trade volume between the participating countries. "

Irve Summit will make a significant contribution to the promotion of our city and our country ”

Governor Ustaoğlu said that he believes that these and similar organizations will contribute to the promotion of both the region and the country as well as foreign trade.

Noting that the summit is an important opportunity for the promotion of the Trabzon Investment Island Industrial Zone Project, which is one of the important supports of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Trabzon, to the officials of the guest countries and potential investors, Governor Ustaoğlu said:

Ünde On the last day of the event, the historical and touristic areas of our city will be introduced to our guests as an indicator of our hospitality, and foreign company representatives from different sectors and industrialists in the region will be brought together in business environments. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Minister of Treasury and Finance, Mr. Berat Albayrak, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Industry and Technology and all the supporters and all stakeholders who have already contributed to the organization. 4 will be honored with the participation of our precious ministers. We wish that the International Silk Road Businessmen Summit will be a means for our city, region and our country and we expect all public institutions and organizations to participate in the event. ”

In the last part of the meeting, Governor İsmail Ustaoğlu and the participants answered the questions of the members of the press.

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