300 Workers Leave Work at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul airport worker leaves work
Istanbul airport worker leaves work

Istanbul Airport workers, did not work this morning after the business murder yesterday. Approximately 300 workers gathered in the cafeteria leaving work, said they will not leave the field until the necessary measures are taken.

According to Evrensel, 18-year-old Mehmet Aydin, who works as an air conditioner in the construction of Berko, the subcontractor of the DHL cargo company at Istanbul Airport, died yesterday by falling into the shaft shaft of the elevator. His colleagues said that Mehmet Aydın, who came to work with his uncles from Van Erciş, would be mentioned a week later, that they were working with overtime on the construction site, that there was no lighting and light on the walkways and they had to walk with the mobile phone light.

Workers who say that the safety measures are not taken from the construction site, the walkway in the darkness of the elevator shaft is not closed and fixed, stating the entry of Mehmet Aydın evening shifts in the darkness of the shaft is thought to be taken from the shaft cavity fell into the elevator shaft, he said.

Workers showing how they landed on the stairs without light, no railing, he said. The workers demand lighting and railing.

They will not work unless measures are taken until 4 NOVEMBER

Approximately 300 workers working at Istanbul Airport reacted to the business murder by quitting. 4 said they will not be on the job unless the necessary measures are taken by November Monday. , Even in this weather, we are working in poor conditions. The weather is very cold and the subcontractor and the parent company say they can't even distribute a coat. ”


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