Turkish Brands Owned by Foreigners

turkish brands owned by foreigners
turkish brands owned by foreigners

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OUR OIL: Yıldız Holding has sold our brand to Japanese Ajinomoto in 2016.
COLA TURKA: 2015 was sold by Ülker to Japanese Dydo DRINCO.
MILK: Drinked by French Group Lactalis.
SANA OIL: It was sold to Unilever, an English-Dutch partner.
ÇAMLICA GAZOZ: In 2015 was sold to the Japanese company Dydo DRINCO.
DAMLA SU: It is now a brand of Coca Cola.
Plum Water: Nestlé acquired in 2006.
ESKIPAZAR: 2015 was sold to the Japanese Dydo DRINCO company.
KOMILI OLIVE OIL: 2017 was sold to US-based Koninklijke Bunge BV.
SAKA SU: 2015 was sold by Ülker to Japanese Dydo DRINCO.
SIRMA WATER: 2013 was acquired by the French Danone company.
YRSAN: In 2013, Dubaili became Abraaj Group.
YUMOŞ: Became the brand of Unilever holding based in the UK and the Netherlands.
HAYAT SU: French joined Danone.
AKMINA: Sold to the French firm Danone.
YEDİGÜN: A brand owned by the American company Pepsi Co.
CITY CONFECTIONERY: British Cadburry company was.
FİLİZ FOOD: 2003 was sold to the Italian Barilla on.
NUHUN ANKARA Pasta: It became a partner with Japanese Nisshin Foods and Marubeni Corporation in 2014.
GOLF ICE CREAM: Passed to the Dutch company.
UNO: Half of UNO is in Spanish Vedanta Equity.
NAMET: 2014 has partnered with Bahrain Investcorp.
BANVIT CHICKEN: Acquired by BRF and Qatari Qatar Investment Authority at 2017.
CP Standard: Acquired by a group based in Thailand.
OLTAN FOOD: It was bought by the Italian Ferrero.
KEMAL KÜKRER: 2013 won the Japanese Ajinomoto.
OUR KITCHEN: Joined the Japanese Ajinomoto company.
SWALLOW, SEZAİ ÖMER MADRA olive oils: It was the Americans.
FALIM SAKIZ: It was sold to British Cadburry company.
PEYMAN Nuts: Bridgepoint company bought.
Jelly Confectionery: It belongs to the British company Cadburry.
DINING BASKET: The company, founded by Nevzat Aydın, was sold to the German Delivery Hero.
IPEK SHAMPOO: It belongs to the French company L'Oréal.
HACI ŞAKİR: Brand of American Colgate company.
ACE: It belongs to Procter & Gamble firm based in America.
CAN BEBE: Belongs to the Belgian company Ontex.
MADO: Half of them were Qatari people.
BEYMEN: You have Qatari people.
OF TEA: Jacops got it.
Gitti gone: eBay sold GittiGidiyor to the American company at 2011.
TURKCELL: Turkcell's largest partners are Russian Altimo and Swedish TeliaSonera.
TEB Bank: Acquired by the French banking institution BNP Paris in 2005.
PROFILO: Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances since 1995.
ATASUN OPTİK: Dutch origin, joined foreign chain stores.
VIKO: The Japanese bought Panasonic.
BAYMAK Kombi / Geyser: Dutch BDR was Thermea.
SEBA MED: Germany's brand.
ERKUNT TRACTOR / Ankara and HİSARLAR MAKİNE / Eskişehir: It became the Indian Mahindra company.
MNG CARGO: Dubaili MIRAGE CARGO was sold to B.V.
TEKİN ACAR Cosmetics: French Sephora Cosmetics Inc. took.
OIL OFFICE: Sold to a Dutch company.
POLICE: Japanese Kansai Paint Co. Ltd.
EGE TAV: Acquired by the Japanese.

Filli Boya, Ulusoy Electric, Kamil Koç, etc., many of our domestic and national brands passed into the hands of foreigners.

“The soil is ours, the garden is ours, the water is ours, the meat is ours, the milk is ours, the flour is ours, the oil is ours, the cotton is ours, the workers and labor are ours, but the men come in our country, run our goods, run us, pack the product, fold the price and sell it to us again. . "

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