World Hearing Impaired Bike Championship Begins

world championship for the deaf
world championship for the deaf

Gaziantep Governor's Office in coordination, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department Presidency to Turkey Deaf Sports Federation in cooperation with the xnumx'ünc held for the first time in Turkey World Deaf Cycling Championships began. On the first day of the championship, Yelisaveta Topchaniuk of Ukraine and Daria Rovanova of Russia and Viktorovna Alisa Bondareva of Ukraine entered the 14 Meter Sprint Competition and won a medal.


Speaking at the opening ceremony of the championship attended by 12 athletes from 50 country, Gaziantep Mayor Fatma Şahin said, “Today, 29 October, we are very happy and proud. 96 years ago today, our Republic was founded. The War of Independence is the story of faith, faith and heroism. We celebrate the day of being a Turk to the world today. That's why we are celebrating 29 October strongly. We are honored on our way to the 100 year of our salvation. We are preparing for the 100 year under the auspices of our President. Salvation is best known to the descendants of the Veteran. The best descendants of this land that knows the best medal of liberation. We know. Therefore, in the Euphrates Shield, in the Peace Spring Operation, we showed the world what the heroism was with Mehmetçikler. We're here to tell Earth again. At 2023, we will do our best to reach the world's 10 economy. This city will target itself to produce in every condition that suits its ancestry. As descendants of this city, we are the closest city to the world's 2023 economy at 10. We have a goal; Sports City Gaziantep. We will create a Gaziantep Model rising with the disabled friend rising with the sport. We will be Gaziantep that removes all obstacles. Now all the world's disabled athletes and cyclists are here. They'il pedal for the Republic. I welcome all our athletes. I respectfully commemorate Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his friends. ”


Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül said, ünde On the anniversary of the foundation of our Republic's 100, which is the biggest gain of our last 96 year, we are hosting the World Hearing Impaired Championship in Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. We have over 1 million young people under the age of 18 in Gaziantep. We must protect the youth entrusted to us by Gazi Mustafa Kemal. We need to be aware of this important responsibility. Therefore, we should continue to develop our youth with sports, art and culture. We have to continue our efforts uninterruptedly to host the 96 years. Today, we are witnessing a similar struggle in the name of the existence of more self-sacrificing and conscious young people in 29 October. I wish success to all the athletes in the championship. I would like to thank everyone, especially the Metropolitan, who contributed to the organization. ”


Turkey's championship as well as the US, Brazil, Czech Republic (Czech Republic), Greece, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Zambia and Ukraine of 39 athletes, 35, 65 and be pedaled in the 100-kilometer route. The athletes, who will compete in 25 different tracks: 35-65 kilometers of road race and 100 * 1,5 lap points race, against 16-3 kilometers of individual time, will sweat for medals.

The first day of the championship started with the 1000 meter sprint competition starting from Gazimuhtarpaşa Tram Stop and ending in front of the Metropolitan Municipality Building. Topchaniuk Yelisaveta was first in women, Viktorovna Alisa Bondareva from Russia was second, and Daria Rovanova from Russia was third.



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