We Support Samsun Sarp Railway Project Until The End

we support samsun steep project to the end
we support samsun steep project to the end

📩 31/10/2019 13:07

Expressing that the Samsun Sarp Railway project is very important, we are supporting this project to the full extent for the development of the region.

Expressing that it is very important for the economic development of the Black Sea, Terme Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ahmet Ekmekçi said, “We support the project that will add value to our region in many areas from tourism to public transportation.


Emphasizing that the project will carry the economic value of the region to higher levels, Ekmekçi said, “Public transportation is one of the most important investment moves especially for developed countries. Thanks to this project, we will have initiated an infrastructure move that covers all the cities in the region from Samsun to the Sarp border gate. In this way, we will have a great transportation investment, which will last for a century. ”


Noting that the line will be integrated with the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway line, Ekmekçi pointed out that Samsun will have great value in terms of tourism and logistics. Regarding the project, it was stated that the works between Samsun and Fatsa will start in the first place. This is a development that further increases our excitement. ”


Ekmekçi emphasized that the Black Sea has been constantly migrating due to the economic difficulties experienced for many years and said, “Thanks to this project, this migration wave will be greatly reduced. In addition, with this project where our region will gain value, we will be able to reverse migration. ” (Samsun Newspaper)

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