VI. Mersin Caretta Bicycle Festival

vi mersin caretta bicycle festival
vi mersin caretta bicycle festival

Under the auspices of the Governorship of Mersin, funded by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Mersin Caretta Bicycle Festival will be held this year with the participation of Mersin University and the Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks. Cyclists 6-25 In October, 27 will cycle a total of 3 kilometers during the day and will also have the opportunity to visit many of Mersin's historic, touristic, natural attractions.

Registrations completed in 17 hours

Metropolitan Municipality, 'VI. Mersin Caretta Bicycle Festival local culture, history and natural beauties, as well as to promote bicycle culture, sports and tourism in the city.

Quota applications completed in 1 month in the first year were completed at 22 hour with registrations made from different 17 cities this year and the total 150 cycling festival was registered.

The VI. Mersin Caretta Bicycle Festival, 25, 26 and 27 will be held in October.

The festival, which will be held in the Mediterranean, Yenişehir, Mezitli, Erdemli and Silifke districts, will start from the central Cumhuriyet Square in Mersin, and 3 will be visited during the day with many historical, touristic and natural beauties of Mersin.

Festival program

1. Day - 25.10.2019 Friday (Mersin Trail, 50 km. Altitude 5-28 m.)

• 08: 30 Registration, material distribution and delivery of camp loads to the bus (Cumhuriyet Square)

• 10: Opening of 30 (Cumhuriyet Square)

• City tour (Republic Square, Harbor, Train Station, Italian Catholic Church, Uray Street, Old Mosque, Ulu Mosque, Ataturk Street, Stone Building, Ataturk House, Museums, Bicycle Road, Republic Show Center, Pompeipolis)

• Caretta Photography Exhibition (Republic Show Center)

• Moving to Erdemli

• Visit to Caretta Rehabilitation Center and interview on Caretta's (Davultepe)

• Settlement in the camp (Erdemli Çamlığı Natural Park)

2. Day - 26.10.2019 Saturday (Lamos Canyon Trail, 58 km., Altitude 5-106 m.)

• 08: Starting 00

• Interview and field cleaning on the natural life of windsurfers (Alata Ziraat Okulu beach)

• Lamos Canyon

3. Day - 27.10.2019 Sunday (Narlikuyu Trail, 27 km., Altitude 5-63 m.)

• 08: 30 departure to Narlıkuyu

• Urtar Aqueduct, Elaiussa Sebaste, Kizkalesi beach, Paradise Hellbase visit

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