HerePark Drivers are Trained Here

ulasimpark sofor here is being trained
ulasimpark sofor here is being trained

Association of Marmara Municipalities and Kocaeli Mayor Assoc. Dr. Since 2013, Tahir Büyükakın has examined the bus simulator trainings given to nearly two thousand five hundred municipalities and TransportationPark drivers on site. Büyük We give importance to education in order for our citizens to benefit from transportation services in a safe and peaceful way, Başkan said Mayor Büyükakın. He did not neglect to try the simulator. Mayor Büyükakın stated that “Our Traffic Management Center, which we will create with public transport control systems, will be able to respond to the requirements of our age and city with the Intelligent Signalization System”.


Mayor Büyükakın expressed the importance of driver training programs carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and Traffic Management for private public bus, taxi, shuttle, municipal bus company and public transport drivers working in TransportationPark. and healthy communication between drivers and disabled passengers. We emphasize this in every training we provide. ”


Basic First Aid and occupational diseases, fire safety and extinguishing practices trainings and theoretical-practical information shared with the drivers who also received information Büyükakın, drivers are working to show compliance with public transport regulations and traffic legislation, he said. Mayor Büyükakın stated that public transport drivers have been given vocational trainings in accordance with the continuous training model starting from 2007, “We give approximately 2500 public transport driver training every year in this center”. Bus simulator training to reduce the errors made by drivers at the time of driving and minimizing accidents to provide safe and economic driving conditions, providing information that the President Büyükakın, maintenance and repair centers also examined.

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