Minister Turhan: 'Tbilisi Silk Road Forum was an Important Forum'

turhan tiflis ipekyolu forum was an important forum
turhan tiflis ipekyolu forum was an important forum

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan held bilateral meetings with Uzbekistan Deputy Prime Minister Elyar Ganiyev, Georgian Minister of Economic and Sustainable Development Natia Turnava and Afghanistan Transport Minister Yama Yari within the framework of the "3rd Tbilisi Silk Road Forum" ongoing in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. .

Minister Turhan, who made evaluations to the members of the press, said, “The works that should be done in order to serve the historical Silk Road between East and West in the Tbilisi Silkroad Forum as a new and modern Silk Road were evaluated by all the countries in the region.” used the expression.

Held in Turkey and the construction of ongoing infrastructure projects Turhan transfer they provide information to the authorities at the forum about that, "not only important to make this infrastructure, after making the infrastructure tools that will benefit from this infrastructure, people, we discussed the legislation relating to the transport of cargo." spoke in the form.

Cahit Turhan talked about how to use the infrastructures in the region, how to benefit from these projects, what kind of projects he attended in the panels and bilateral meetings he attended within the framework of the Forum. kazanHe stated that important discussions were held on issues such as the achievement of agreements.

Explaining that they are evaluating the trade relations between the countries, moving these relations further and developing common transportation infrastructure projects in the forum, Turhan said, “The Tbilisi İpekyolu Forum was an important forum. I think it's useful. ” found the assessment.

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