Minister Turhan: 'All Turkish Bayraklı We Can Monitor Ships Via Satellites'

turhan all the flags of the Turk flag can be monitored via satellites
turhan all the flags of the Turk flag can be monitored via satellites

Minister Turhan said that he wanted to start his speech at the introductory meeting held at the National Maritime Safety and Emergency Response Center (UDEM) in Tekirdağ Marmaraereğlisi district, by saluting Mehmetçik, who carried out the Peace Spring Operation.

The region of terrorism that Turkey's aim, terrorists Turhan said that to prevail by removing the peace and tranquility of being a swamp, "Because of our terrorists unity, our Ballad, our flag, homeland of our lives are the enemies." used the expression.

Wishing mercy to soldiers and civilians martyred in the operation, Minister Turhan said: “I wish patience and fortitude to our nation. Don't look at what some terrorist lovers say. There is no peace with treacherous feeding of imperialists in the shadow of terrorism. These are people whose words and essences are wrong. No one comes to this nation, this homeland from those whose essence is wrong, alienated from the core and lost their core. Let's pray to our Mehmetciks who put their souls for the sake of the freedom of our nation and the salvation of our homeland together.

“We implemented many modern systems”

Minister Turhan, Turkey 8 thousand 350 kilometers of coastline and a bridge that was passed in maritime transport where the geographical feature.

Turkey's international oil shipments that road is located on one of the throat from being about 81 passes a thousand ships a year Turhan striking revealed some risks, "the Ministry as looking at our sea, to improve the lives and property safety, the purpose of maritime accidents to reduce the risk and to protect the marine environment we are carrying out important works. In this context, we have implemented many modern systems with today's technology and we continue to implement them. ” said.

Stating that the Turkish Straits Vessel Traffic Services, which was established to monitor and direct the sea traffic instantly, has been serving for 16 years, Turhan continued as follows:

“In addition, we have provided much safer sea traffic thanks to the Ship Traffic Services Systems, which cover the intense sea traffic, Izmit, Izmir, Mersin and Iskenderun gulf. All ships in the coast of Turkey with Automatic Identification System can monitor 24 hours.

With these opportunities, we have made important progress in preventing marine accidents by increasing navigation and sea safety. All Turkish bayraklı We can monitor ships wherever they are in the world via satellites. Foreign bayraklı We can also track ships up to a thousand nautical miles from our shores. We effectively use satellite information systems in search and rescue activities, prevention and detection of marine pollution. "

“Nationalization move continues rapidly”

Minister Turhan, under the leadership of the government, the defense industry continued to move rapidly to the nationalization stressed.

Underlining that satellite-assisted search and rescue systems have accelerated the efforts to fully nationalize in the coming years, Turhan said, “By taking lessons from past experiences, in order to intervene in marine pollution in the shortest time and in the most effective way, we aim to establish an emergency response system. ” he spoke.

Minister Turhan stated that they are in close cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to prevent marine pollution through the system.

Turhan reminded that the first step of the emergency response system was Antalya Marine Pollution Emergency Response Training Center, which was built in 2015, and continued his speech as follows:

“Today, we are opening the National and Maritime Safety and Emergency Response Center, the second and most important step of the system. UDEM, which is located in the northwest of Marmara Sea, which is the most risky region in terms of ship traffic of our country, and has extensive logistics facilities, will be the coordination and operation center in major marine pollution.

In UDEM, besides this, trainings on preparation for sea pollution caused by petroleum and other harmful substances, conducting drills, testing and certification of equipment and materials used in the intervention, research and development activities within the scope of these topics, will be done as well. ”

“UDEM will be an important base for clean seas”

Turhan stated that UDEM will be an internationally valid training center as well as a center of attraction for the training of the relevant personnel of countries carrying out intensive oil transportation.

Turhan stated that the center is designed as an international test center where both emergency response equipment and other maritime equipment can be tested thanks to its laboratory and floating test pool.

“I believe that the work done here will yield important results in a few years. Our General Directorate of Coastal Safety is our strength in the field. Our coordinated work with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on environmental protection will continue.

We will continue to do our best to protect all environmental values ​​without compromising the existence and quality of the resources that future generations will need. ”

Turhan added that UDEM will be an important base for clean seas.

The meeting, the Governor of Tekirdag Aziz Yildirim, Tekirdag Deputy Mustafa Yel, Rector of Namık Kemal University. Dr. Mümin Şahin, Durmuş Ünüvar, the General Director of Coastal Safety and the managers of the institutions attended.

Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan later examined the application areas of UDEM.

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